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2012medicine article ai (312).pdf.jpg2012Accuracy of in-vitro tooth volumetric measurements from cone-beam computed tomographyYe, Niansong; Jian, Fan; Xue, Junjie; Wang, Sheng; Liao, Lina; Huang, Wenya; Yang, Xing; Zhou, Yang; Lai, Wenli; Li, Jingtao; Wang, Jing
2018 JOMS Volume 76 Issue 11 November (7).pdf.jpg2018Growth and Development of Craniofacial Structures in Patients at Different Ages With Unrepaired Submucous Cleft PalateCao, Congcong; Xu, Xue; Zheng, Qian; Shi, Bing; Li, Jingtao; Wang, Yan
2017 OOOOE Volume 124 Issue 2 August (16).pdf.jpg2017A new method of volumetric assessment of alveolar bone grafting for cleft patients using cone beam computed tomographyFeng, Bin; Jiang, Meng; Xu, Xue; Li, Jingtao
2012medicine article ar (92).pdf.jpg2012ORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RadiologyEdwards, Paul C; Kumar, Vinay V; Ebenezer, Supriya; Wagner, Wilfried; Li, Jingtao; Shi, Bing; Liu, Kun; Zheng, Qian; Leonard, Nascimento; Andrade, Euller; Melo, Pithon Matheus; Yang, Fan; He, Fu-ming; Zhao, Shi-fang; Yang, Guo-li
2012medicine article ar (46).pdf.jpg2012A preliminary study on the hard-soft tissue relationships among unoperated secondary unilateral cleft nose deformitiesLi, Jingtao; Shi, Bing; Liu, Kun; Zheng, Qian
2016 JCP Volume 43 Issue 2 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Rescuing failed oral implants via Wnt activationYin, X; Li, J; Chen, T; Mouraret, S; Dhamdhere, G; Jb, Brunski; Zou, S; Ja, Helms; Yin, Xing; Li, Jingtao; Brunski, John B
2012medicine article av (376).pdf.jpg2012Symmetry in nasolabial area of UCCL patients one year after primary lip repair with modified Millard techniqueZhang, Rui; Li, Jingtao; Zheng, Qian; Shi, Bing; Li, Sheng; Wang, Yan; He, Xing
2012medicine article l (225).pdf.jpg2012Timing of palate repair affecting growth in complete unilateral cleft lip and palateXu, Xue; Zheng, Qian; Lu, Dawei; Huang, Ning; Li, Jingtao; Li, Sheng; Wang, Yan; Shi, Bing