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2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 13 July (2).pdf.jpg2017An analytical reconstruction model of the spread out Bragg peak using laser accelerated proton beamsTao, Li; Zhu, Kun; Zhu, Jungao; Xu, Xiaohan; Lin, Chen
2017 OHNS Volume 156 Issue 5 May (1).pdf.jpg2017Correlation of Objective Audiometric and Caloric Function in Ménière’s DiseaseMcMullen, Kyle P.; Lin, Chen; Harris, Michael S.; Adunka, Oliver F.
2012medicine article ab (655).pdf.jpg2012Feasibility of mapping T2 relaxation time in the pediatric metacarpal head with a 3-T MRI system.Karmazyn, Boaz; Lin, Chen; Persohn, Scott a; Buckwalter, Kenneth a
2016 AJCP Volume 146 Issue 3 September (1).pdf.jpg2016High Tumor Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression Is Associated With Poorer Clinical Outcomes in Resected T3 Gastric AdenocarcinomaLin, Chen; Zhang, Zaizhong; Xu, Yun; Wang, Ruohan; Chen, Shaoquan; Gao, Jian; Wang, Daiyong; Huang, Qiaojia; Tu, Xiaohuang; Wang, Lie
2018 OJAAO Volume 125 Issue 6 June (1).pdf.jpg2018Integrating Macular Ganglion Cell Inner Plexiform Layer and Parapapillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Measurements to Detect Glaucoma ProgressionHou, Hei Wan; Lin, Chen; Leung, Christopher Kai-shun
2017 WATER Volume 89 Issue 11 November (10).pdf.jpg2017Landfill Leachate Treatment by Electrocoagulation and Fiber FiltrationLi, Runwei; Wang, Boya; Owete, Owete; Dertien, Joe; Lin, Chen; Ahmad, Hafiz; Chen, Gang
2018 AJR Volume 210 Issue 3 March (25).pdf.jpg2018Quantitative MR evaluation of chronic pancreatitis: Extracellular volume fraction and MR relaxometryTirkes, Temel; Lin, Chen; Cui, Enming; Deng, Yu; Territo, Paul R.; Sandrasegaran, Kumaresan; Akisik, Fatih
2016 OJAAP Vol. 123 Issue 6 June (39).pdf.jpg2016Risk of Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma Patients with Progressive Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning A 5-Year Prospective StudyYu, Marco; Lin, Chen; Weinreb, Robert N; Lai, Gilda; Chiu, Vivian; Leung, Christopher Kai-shun; Chb, M B