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2017 AAA Pervention Volume 107 October (6).pdf.jpg2017Analysis of multiple tank car releases in train accidentsLiu, Xiang; Liu, Chang; Hong, Yili
2016 AJCP Volume 145 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2016Case Reports Media Review Correspondence CorrectionWeikersheimer, Joshua; Walts, Ann E; Mirocha, James M; Leong, Trista; Marchevsky, Alberto M; Liu, Chang; Duffy, Brian; Bednarski, Jeffrey J; Calhoun, Cecelia; Lay, Lindsay; Rundblad, Barrett; Payton, Jacqueline E; Mohanakumar, Thalachallour; Williams, Lance A; Marques,
2018 Chemosphere Volume 208 October (7).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Application of membrane distillation for the treatment of anaerobic membrane bioreactor ef fl uent : An especial attention to the operating conditionsLiu, Chang; Chen, Lin; Zhu, Liang
2018 Chemosphere Volume 191  January  (35).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Facile surface-engineered polymeric absorbents for simultaneous adsorption and degradation of organic wastesYang, Shun; Wang, Yaru; Lin, Shiting; Fan, Jie; Liu, Chang; Yan, Xiao
2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 205 August (16).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere sulfate on oxidative stress and energy metabolism in the livers and kidneys of miceYan, Jin; Wang, Dezhen; Miao, Jiyan; Liu, Chang; Wang, Yao; Teng, Miaomiao; Zhou, Zhiqiang
2016 PEDIAT Volume 38 Issue 3 September (22).pdf.jpg2016Child Restraint Use and Driver Screening in Fatal Crashes Involving Drugs and AlcoholHuang, Yanlan; Liu, Chang; Pressley, Joyce C
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 11 June (11).pdf.jpg2015Contouring variability of human- and deformable-generated contours in radiotherapy for prostate cancerGardner, Stephen J; Wen, Ning; Kim, Jinkoo; Liu, Chang; Pradhan, Deepak; Aref, Ibrahim; Ii, Richard Cattaneo; Vance, Sean; Movsas, Benjamin; Chetty, Indrin J
2018 RO Volume 127 Issue 3 June (11).pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of a magnetic resonance guided linear accelerator for stereotactic radiosurgery treatmentWen, Ning; Kim, Joshua; Doemer, Anthony; Glide-hurst, Carri; Chetty, Indrin J; Liu, Chang; Laugeman, Eric; Xhaferllari, Ilma; Kumarasiri, Akila; Victoria, James; Bellon, Maria; Kalkanis, Steve; Siddiqui, M Salim; Movsas, Benjamin
2018 WR Volume 129 February  (29).pdf.jpg2018The feasibility of nano fi ltration membrane bioreactor ( NF-MBR ) þ reverse osmosis ( RO ) process for water reclamation : Comparison with ultra fi ltration membrane bioreactor ( UF-MBR ) þ RO processFeng, Ming; Liu, Chang; Cornelissen, Emile R; Wu, Bing; Haur, Tzyy
2011medicine article d (40).pdf.jpg2011Importance of Oxygen in the Metal-Free Catalytic Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from SiO x by a Vapor - Solid - Solid MechanismLiu, Bilu; Tang, Dai-ming; Sun, Chenghua; Liu, Chang; Ren, Wencai; Li, Feng; Yu, Wan-jing
2016 IE Volume 53 May (25).pdf.jpg2016International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics Can eye-tracking data be measured to assess product design ?: Visual attention mechanism should be consideredGuo, Fu; Ding, Yi; Liu, Weilin; Liu, Chang; Zhang, Xuefeng
2016 AJCP Volume 145 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2016Maternal T-Cell Engraftment Interferes With Human Leukocyte Antigen Typing in Severe Combined ImmunodeficiencyLiu, Chang; Duffy, Brian; Bednarski, Jeffrey J; Calhoun, Cecelia; Lay, Lindsay; Rundblad, Barrett; Payton, Jacqueline E; Mohanakumar, Thalachallour; Sam, C M E
2013medicine article af (448).pdf.jpg2013My IOPscience A novel approach for establishing benchmark CBCT / CT deformable image registrations in prostateKim, Jinkoo; Kumar, Sanath; Liu, Chang; Zhong, Hualiang; Pradhan, Deepak; Shah, Mira; Cattaneo, Richard; Yechieli, Raphael
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2016RECQ1 A159C Polymorphism Is Associated With Overall Survival of Patients With Resected Pancreatic Cancer : A Replication Study in NRG Oncology Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 9704Li, Donghui; Moughan, Jennifer; Crane, Christopher; Hoffman, John P; Regine, William F; Abrams, Ross A; Safran, Howard; Liu, Chang; Chang, Ping; Freedman, Gary M; Winter, Kathryn A; Guha, Chandan; Abbruzzese, James L
2018 EJCTS Volume 53 Issue 6 June (39).pdf.jpg2018Thoracic enhanced recovery with ambulation after surgery : a 6-year experienceKhandhar, Sandeep J; Schatz, Christy L; Collins, Devon T; Graling, Paula R; Rosner, Carolyn M; Mahajan, Amit K; Kiernan, Paul D; Liu, Chang; Fernando, Hiran C
2016 MP Volume 43 Issue 10 October (10).pdf.jpg2016Use of regularized principal component analysis to model anatomical changes during head and neck radiation therapy for treatment adaptation and response assessment Use of regularized principal component analysis to model anatomical changes during head andChetvertkov, Mikhail A; Siddiqui, Farzan; Kim, Jinkoo; Chetty, Indrin; Kumarasiri, Akila; Liu, Chang; James, J
2012medicine article a (190).pdf.jpg2012Xiaowei Wang, † , # Jianfang Zhang, ⊥ , # Yang Huang, § , # Ruiping Wang, ⊥ Liang Zhang, † Kang Qiao, † Li Li, † Chang Liu, ⊥ Yabo Ouyang, § Weisi Xu, § Zhili Zhang, † Liangren Zhang, ‡ Yiming Shao, § Shibo Jiang, ¶ Liying Ma, * , § and Junyi Liu * , † ,Wang, Xiaowei; Zhang, Jianfang; Huang, Yang; Wang, Ruiping; Zhang, Liang; Qiao, Kang; Li, Li; Liu, Chang; Ouyang, Yabo; Xu, Weisi; Zhang, Zhili; Zhang, Liangren; Shao, Yiming; Jiang, Shibo; Liu, Junyi