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2016 JOPM Volume 45 Issue 7 August (7).pdf.jpg2016Aberrant expression of interleukin-22 and its targeting microRNAs in oral lichen planus : a preliminary studyShen, Zhengyu; Du, Guanhuan; Zhou, Zengtong; Liu, Wei; Shi, Linjun; Xu, Hui
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 1 July (69).pdf.jpg2015ACQUIRED CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE : AORTIC DISSECTION Surgery for acute type A dissection using total arch replacement combined with stented elephant trunk implantation : Preservation of autologous brachiocephalic vesselsZhu, Jun-ming; Qi, Rui-dong; Chen, Lei; Liu, Wei; Li, Cheng-nan
2013medicine article j (954).pdf.jpg2013Acquired Resistance to Crizotinib from a Mutation in CD74–ROS1Liu, Wei; Deng, Ya-li; Brooun, Alexei; Friboulet, Luc; Huang, Donghui; Falk, Matthew D; Timofeevski, Sergei; Wilner, Keith D; Lockerman, Elizabeth L; Khan, Tahsin M; Christensen, James G; Iafrate, A John
2016 OOOORE  Volume 122 Issue 5 November (34).pdf.jpg2016Altered expression of interleukin-17A and its targeting microRNAs in oral lichen planus : a pilot studyShen, Zhengyu; Zhang, Chenping; Zhou, Zengtong; Liu, Wei; Shi, Linjun
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 12 March (2).pdf.jpg2019Antioxidative E ff ects and Mechanism Study of Bioactive Peptides from Defatted Walnut ( Juglans regia L . ) Meal HydrolysateSheng, Jianyong; Yang, Xiaoyu; Chen, Jitang; Peng, Tianhao; Yin, Xiquan; Liu, Wei; Liang, Ming; Wan, Jiangling; Yang, Xiangliang
2018 APN Volume 32 Issue 5 October (3).pdf.jpg2018Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Beliefs about prognosis and outcomes for people with mental disorders : A cross-cultural study of Bachelor of Nursing students from the US and ChinaLiu, Wei; Li, Ya-min; Peng, Ying
2018 SM Volume 37  Issue 5 February  (3).pdf.jpg2018Assessing the similarity of dose response and target doses in two non-overlapping subgroupsBretz, Frank; Möllenhoff, Kathrin; Dette, Holger; Liu, Wei; Trampisch, Matthias
2011medicine article c (658).pdf.jpg2011Asymmetric Total Synthesis of ( À ) -Saframycin A from L -TyrosineDong, Wenfang; Liu, Wei; Liao, Xiangwei; Guan, Baohe; Chen, Shizhi; Liu, Zhanzhu
2018 JN Volume 128 Issue 3 March  (34).pdf.jpg2018Bilateral deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in primary Meige syndromeZhan, Shikun; Sun, Fafa; Pan, Yixin; Liu, Wei; Huang, Peng; Cao, Chunyan; Zhang, Jing; Li, Dianyou; Sun, Bomin
2012medicine article ao (21).pdf.jpg2012BRIEF REPORT A clinicopathological study on verrucous hyperplasia and verrucous carcinoma of the oral mucosaZhu, Lai-kuan; Ding, Ye-wei; Liu, Wei; Zhou, Yong-mei; Shi, Lin-jun; Zhou, Zeng-tong
2016 IJD Volume 55 Issue 2 February (42).pdf.jpg2016Case Report One recurrent homozygous mutation of SLC39A4 in a girl with acrodermatitis enteropathica from southwestern ChinaZhou, Xi-yuan; Chen, Xue-jun; Wang, Sheng; Xue, Jing; Liu, Wei; Wang, Qian; Chen, Ming-hui; Duan, Xi-ling
2013medicine article ab (500).pdf.jpg2013Case-Fatality Ratio and Effectiveness of Ribavirin Therapy Among Hospitalized Patients in China Who Had Severe Fever With Thrombocytopenia SyndromeLiu, Wei; Lu, Qing-bin; Cui, Ning; Li, Hao; Wang, Li-yuan; Liu, Kun; Yang, Zhen-dong; Wang, Bing-jun; Wang, Hong-yu; Zhang, Yao-yun; Zhuang, Lu; Hu, Chun-yan; Yuan, Chun; Fan, Xue-juan; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Lan; Zhang, Xiao-ai; Walker, David H; Cao, Wu-chun
2017 BJhematology Volume 130 Issue 11 September (11).pdf.jpg2017The cell polarity determinant CDC42 controls division symmetry to block leukemia cell differentiationMizukawa, Benjamin; Brien, Eric O; Moreira, Daniel C; Wunderlich, Mark; Hochstetler, Cindy L; Duan, Xin; Liu, Wei; Orr, Emily; Grimes, H Leighton; Mulloy, James C; Zheng, Yi
2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 206 September (13).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Atrazine-xenobiotic nuclear receptor interactions induce cardiac in fl ammation and endoplasmic reticulum stress in quail ( Coturnix coturnix coturnix )Li, Xue-nan; Zuo, Yu-zhu; Qin, Lei; Liu, Wei; Li, Yan-hua; Li, Jin-long
2018 Chemosphere Volume 209 October (87).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Phytoextraction and biodegradation of atrazine by Myriophyllum spicatum and evaluation of bacterial communities involved in atrazine degradation in lake sedimentQu, Mengjie; Li, Na; Li, Huidong; Yang, Tewu; Liu, Wei; Yan, Yupeng; Feng, Xionghan
2018 Chemosphere Volume 207 September (78).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Speciation analysis and leaching behaviors of selected trace elements in spent SCR catalystDai, Zejun; Wang, Lele; Tang, Hao; Sun, Zhijun; Liu, Wei; Sun, Yi; Su, Sheng
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 22 August (8).pdf.jpg2016Chemotherapy Pharmacodynamics and Neuroimaging and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaKrull, Kevin R; Cheung, Yin Ting; Liu, Wei; Fellah, Slim; Reddick, Wilburn E; Brinkman, Tara M; Kimberg, Cara; Ogg, Robert; Srivastava, Deokumar; Pui, Ching-hon; Robison, Leslie L; Hudson, Melissa M
2016 JE Volume 42 Issue 4 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of Mechanical and Indirect Ultrasonic Placement Technique on Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Retrofill Density in Simulated Root-end SurgeryFriedl, Christopher C; Williamson, Anne E; Dawson, Deborah V; Gomez, Manuel R; Liu, Wei
2017 IJROBP Volume 99 Issue 1 September (12).pdf.jpg2017Consensus Guidelines for Implementing Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy for Thoracic Malignancies on Behalf of the PTCOG Thoracic and Lymphoma SubcommitteeChang, Joe Y; Zhang, Xiaodong; Knopf, Antje; Li, Heng; Mori, Shinichiro; Dong, Lei; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Liu, Wei; Badiyan, Shahed N; Both, Stephen; Meijers, Arturs; Lin, Liyong; Flampouri, Stella; Li, Zuofeng; Umegaki, Kikuo; Simone, Charles B; Zhu, Xiaorong R
2012medicine article af (225).pdf.jpg2012Correlation of Increased Twist With Lymph Node Metastasis in Patients With Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaWushou, Alimujiang; Pan, Hong-Ya; Liu, Wei; Tian, Zhen; Wang, Li-Zhen; Shali, Shalamati; Zhang, Zhi-Yuan