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2015 OSOMOPOR Volume 119 Issue 2 March (13).pdf.jpg2015Accuracy of diagnosis of salivary gland tumors with the use of ultrasonography , computed tomography , and magnetic resonance imaging : a meta-analysisLiu, Ying; Li, Jia; Tan, Yi-ran; Xiong, Ping; Zhong, Lai-ping
2016 OOOOE Volume 121 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Accuracy of diagnosis of salivary gland tumors with the use of ultrasonography , computed tomography , and magnetic resonance imaging : a meta-analysis d a commentary Reply to “ Accuracy of diagnosis of salivary gland tumors with the use of ultrasonographLiu, Ying; Zhong, Lai-ping
2012medicine article ai (110).pdf.jpg2012Archwire vibration and stick-slip behavior at the bracket-archwire interface.Olson, Julie E; Liu, Ying; Nickel, Jeffrey C; Walker, Mary P; Iwasaki, Laura R
2014medicine article i (15).pdf.jpg2014Assessment of effects of IR and IPC on activities of cytochrome P450 isozymes in rats by a five-drug cocktail approach.Li, Qin; Liu, Ying; Jiao, Jianjie; Zhang, Caili; Lou, Jianshi
2018 SiM Volume 37 Issue 26 November (4).pdf.jpg2018Augmented outcome-weighted learning for estimating optimal dynamic treatment regimensLiu, Ying; Wang, Yuanjia; Kosorok, Michael R.; Zhao, Yingqi; Zeng, Donglin
2011medicine article b (28).pdf.jpg2011Bioactive Compounds from the Fern Lepisorus contortusYang, Jian-hong; Kondratyuk, Tamara P; Jermihov, Katherine C; Marler, Laura E; Qiu, Xi; Choi, Yongsoo; Cao, Hongmei; Yu, Rui; Sturdy, Megan; Huang, Rong; Liu, Ying; Wang, Li-qin; Mesecar, Andrew D; Breemen, Richard B Van; Pezzuto, M; Fong, Harry H S; Chen, Ye-gao; Zhang,
2017 RO Volume 122 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2017Cardiac atlas development and validation for automatic segmentation of cardiac substructuresZhou, Rongrong; Liao, Zhongxing; Pan, Tinsu; Milgrom, Sarah A; Pinnix, Chelsea C; Shi, Anhui; Tang, Linglong; Yang, Ju; Liu, Ying; Gomez, Daniel; Nguyen, Quynh-nhu; Dabaja, Bouthaina S; Court, Laurence; Yang, Jinzhong
2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 205 August (4).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere A swinging seesaw as a novel model mechanism for time-dependent hormesis under dose-dependent stimulatory and inhibitory effects : A case study on the toxicity of antibacterial chemicals to Aliivibrio fi scheriSun, Haoyu; Calabrese, Edward J; Zheng, Min; Wang, Dali; Pan, Yongzheng; Lin, Zhifen; Liu, Ying
2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 204 August (36).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere N-acetylcysteine protects against microcystin-LR-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and germ cell apoptosis in zebra fi sh testesZhao, Sujuan; Liu, Ying; Wang, Fang; Xu, Dexiang; Xie, Ping
2018 Chemosphere Volume 208 October (112).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Treatment of municipal sewage with low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio via simultaneous partial nitri fi cation , anaerobic ammonia oxidation , and denitri fi cation ( SNAD ) in a non-woven rotating biological contactorWang, Dong; Wang, Guowen; Yang, Fenglin; Liu, Changfa; Kong, Liang; Liu, Ying
2018 OSOMOPORE Volume 125 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2018Clinical and pathologic analyses of tuberculosis in the oral cavity : report of 11 casesJu, Wu-tong; Fu, Yong; Liu, Ying; Tan, Yi-ran; Dong, Min-jun; Wang, Li-zhen
2019 ACBE Volume 244 May (65).pdf.jpg2019Controllable TiO 2 core-shell phase heterojunction for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting under solar lightWei, Ning; Liu, Ying; Feng, Min; Li, Zhaoxia; Chen, Shougang; Zheng, Youbin; Wang, Daoai
2020 ACBE Volume 264 May (44).pdf.jpg2020Cooperation between inside and outside of TiO2: Lattice Cu+ accelerates carrier migration to the surface of metal copper for photocatalytic CO2 reductionZhu, Sai; Chen, Xiaofeng; Li, Zhangcheng; Ye, Xingyu; Liu, Ying; Chen, Yao; Yang, Li; Chen, Ming; Zhang, Dieqing; Li, Guisheng; Li, Hexing
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 39 October (21).pdf.jpg2019Correction to Evaluation of the Perceptual Interaction among Sulfur Compounds in Mango by Feller’s Additive Model, Odor Activity Value, and Vector ModelXiao, Zuobing; Xiang, Pan; Zhu, Jiancai; Zhu, Quan; Liu, Ying; Niu, Yunwei
2015 JMC Volume 58 Issue 23 December (6).pdf.jpg2015Cyanohydrin as an anchoring group for potent and selective inhibitors of enterovirus 71 3C proteaseZhai, Yangyang; Zhao, Xiangshuai; Cui, Zhengjie; Wang, Man; Wang, Yaxin; Li, Linfeng; Sun, Qi; Yang, Xi; Zeng, Debin; Liu, Ying; Sun, Yuna; Lou, Zhiyong; Shang, Luqing; Yin, Zheng
2015 JOPM Volume 44 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2015Decreased expression of glutathione S-transferase pi correlates with poorly differentiated grade in patients with oral squamous cell carcinomaMa, Hai-long; Yu, Cong; Liu, Ying; Tan, Yi-ran; Qiao, Jin-ke; Yang, Xi; Wang, Li-zhen; Li, Jiang; Chen, Fu-xiang; Zhang, Zhi-yuan; Zhong, Lai-ping
2018 Neurology Volume 91 Issue 11 September (5).pdf.jpg2018Deep brain stimulation improves restless legs syndrome in patients with Parkinson diseaseKlepitskaya, Olga; Liu, Ying; Sharma, Saloni; Sillau, Stefan H.; Tsai, Jean; Walters, Arthur S.
2015 JMC Volume 58 Issue 4 February (6).pdf.jpg2015Design, Synthesis, and Structure − Activity Relationship of Novel LSD1 Inhibitors Based on Pyrimidine − Thiourea Hybrids As Potent, Orally Active Antitumor AgentsMa, Li-ying; Zheng, Yi-chao; Wang, Sai-qi; Wang, Bo; Wang, Zhi-ru; Pang, Lu-ping; Zhang, Miao; Wang, Jun-wei; Ding, Lina; Li, Juan; Wang, Cong; Hu, Biao; Liu, Ying; Zhang, Xiao-dan; Wang, Jia-jia; Wang, Zhi-jian; Zhao, Wen; Liu, Hong-min
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 8 August (4).pdf.jpg2017Development of drug loaded chitosan hollow nanoparticles for delivery of paclitaxel to human lung cancer A549 cellsJiang, Jie; Liu, Ying; Wu, Chao; Qiu, Yang; Xu, Xiaoyan; Lv, Huiling; Bai, Andi; Liu, Xuan
2016 IDJ Volume 66 Issue 6 December (5).pdf.jpg2016Differentiation of self-rated oral health between American non-citizens and citizensLiu, Ying