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2018 AnnalsOfEpidemiology Volume 28 Issue 11 November (2).pdf.jpg2018Annals of Epidemiology Provider veri fi cation of electronic health record receipt and nonreceipt of direct-acting antivirals for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infectionRentsch, Christopher T; Cartwright, Emily J; Gandhi, Neel R; Brown, Sheldon T; Rodriguez-barradas, Maria C; Goetz, Matthew Bidwell; Marconi, Vincent C; Gibert, Cynthia L; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re; Fiellin, David A; Justice, Amy C; Tate, Janet P
2014medicine article x (133).pdf.jpg2014Antiretroviral Therapy Reduces the Rate of Hepatic Decompensation Among HIV- and Hepatitis C Virus – Coinfected VeteransAnderson, Jeffrey P; Tchetgen, Eric J Tchetgen; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re; Tate, Janet P; Williams, Paige L; Iii, George R Seage; Horsburgh, C Robert; Lim, Joseph K; Goetz, Matthew Bidwell; Rimland, David; Rodriguez-barradas, Maria C; Butt, Adeel A; Klein, Marina B; Justice, Amy C
2017 CID Volume 65 Issue 1 July (12).pdf.jpg2017Comparing Child Pugh , MELD , and FIB 4 to Predict Clinical Outcomes in Hepatitis C Virus Infected Persons : Results From ERCHIVESButt, Adeel A; Ren, Yanjie; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re; Taddei, Tamar H; Kaplan, David E
2017 CID Volume 64 Issue 4 February (18).pdf.jpg2017Extrahepatic Complications of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in HIV and the Impact of Successful Antiviral TreatmentLo, Vincent; Iii, Re
2017 CID Volume 65 Issue 12 December (17).pdf.jpg2017Is Moderate Alcohol Consumption Safe for Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Hepatitis C Virus – Coinfected Women ?Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re
2014medicine article x (780).pdf.jpg2014Relationship Between Alcohol Use Categories and Noninvasive Markers of Advanced Hepatic Fibrosis in HIV-Infected , Chronic Hepatitis C Virus – Infected , and Uninfected PatientsLim, Joseph K; Tate, Janet P; Fultz, Shawn L; Goulet, Joseph L; Conigliaro, Joseph; Bryant, Kendall J; Gordon, Adam J; Gibert, Cynthia; Rimland, David; Goetz, Matthew Bidwell; Klein, Marina B; Fiellin, David A; Justice, Amy C; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re
2016 CID Volume 63 Issue 9 November (17).pdf.jpg2016Risk of End-Stage Liver Disease in HIV-Viral Hepatitis Coinfected Persons in North America From the Early to Modern Antiretroviral Therapy ErasKlein, Marina B; Althoff, Keri N; Jing, Yuezhou; Lau, Bryan; Kitahata, Mari; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re; Kirk, Gregory D; Hull, Mark; Kim, H Nina; Sebastiani, Giada; Moodie, Erica E M; Silverberg, Michael J; Sterling, Timothy R; Thorne, Jennifer E; Cescon, Angela; Napravnik, S
2019 CID Volume 68 Issue 5 March (21).pdf.jpg2019Trends in Treatment Uptake and Provider Specialty for Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV ) Infection in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System : Results From the Electronically Retrieved Cohort of HCV-Infected Veterans ( ERCHIVES )Butt, Adeel A; Yan, Peng; Lo, Vincent; Iii, Re; Shaikh, Obaid S; Ross, David B