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2016 MP Volume 43 Issue 9 September (6).pdf.jpg2016Automated survey of 8000 plan checks at eight facilities Automated survey of 8000 plan checks at eight facilitiesHalabi, Tarek; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Bernard, Damian A; Chu, James C H; Kirk, Michael C; Hamilton, Russell J; Driewer, Joseph; Halabi, Tarek; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Kirk, Michael C; Hamilton, Russell J
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (48).pdf.jpg2016Can We Advance Proton Therapy for Prostate ? Considering Alternative Beam Angles and Relative Biological Effectiveness Variations When Comparing Against Intensity Modulated Radiation TherapyUnderwood, Tracy; Giantsoudi, Drosoula; Moteabbed, Maryam; Zietman, Anthony; Efstathiou, Jason; Paganetti, Harald; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2017 IJROBP Volume 99 Issue 1 September (12).pdf.jpg2017Consensus Guidelines for Implementing Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy for Thoracic Malignancies on Behalf of the PTCOG Thoracic and Lymphoma SubcommitteeChang, Joe Y; Zhang, Xiaodong; Knopf, Antje; Li, Heng; Mori, Shinichiro; Dong, Lei; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Liu, Wei; Badiyan, Shahed N; Both, Stephen; Meijers, Arturs; Lin, Liyong; Flampouri, Stella; Li, Zuofeng; Umegaki, Kikuo; Simone, Charles B; Zhu, Xiaorong R
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (52).pdf.jpg2016Disruption of SLX4-MUS81 Function Increases the Relative Biological Effectiveness of Proton RadiationLiu, Qi; Underwood, Tracy S A; Kung, Jong; Wang, Meng; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Paganetti, Harald; Held, Kathryn D; Hong, Theodore S; Efstathiou, Jason A; Willers, Henning
2012medicine article bp (262).pdf.jpg2012Effect of tissue heterogeneity on an in vivo range verification technique for proton therapyBentefour, El Hassane; Shikui, Tang; Prieels, Damien; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2011medicine article o (446).pdf.jpg2011Evaluation of the dosimetric impact of interfractional anatomical variations on prostate proton therapy using daily in-room CT imagesWang, Yi; Efstathiou, Jason A; Sharp, Gregory C; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Ciernik, I Frank; Trofimov, Alexei V
2018 MP Volume 45 Issue 1  January  (31).pdf.jpg2018Experimental validation of two dual-energy CT methods for proton therapy using heterogeneous tissue samplesLalonde, Arthur; Ht, Q C; Royle, Gary; Bouchard, Hugo; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 1 January (33).pdf.jpg2018Improvement of single detector proton radiography by incorporating intensity of time-resolved dose rate functions Improvement of single detector proton radiography by incorporating intensity of time-resolved dose rate functionsZhang, Rongxiao; Jee, Kyung-wook; Cascio, Ethan; Sharp, Gregory C; Flanz, Jacob B; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 14 July (7).pdf.jpg2017Investigation of real tissue water equivalent path lengths using an efficient dose extinction methodLu, Hsiao-ming; Zhang, Rongxiao; Baer, Esther; Jee, Kyung-wook
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 6 June (9).pdf.jpg2017The potential of dual energy CT to reduce proton beam range uncertaintiesLalonde, Arthur; Ht, Q C; Royle, Gary; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Bouchard, Hugo
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (41).pdf.jpg2016A Prospective Comparison of the Effects of Interfractional Variations on Proton Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Prostate CancerMoteabbed, Maryam; Trofimov, Alexei; Sharp, Gregory C; Wang, Yi; Zietman, Anthony L; Efstathiou, Jason A; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2013medicine article af (456).pdf.jpg2013Proton radiography and proton computed tomography based on time-resolved dose measurementsTesta, Mauro; Verburg, Joost M; Rose, Mark; Min, Chul Hee; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Reassessment of the Necessity of the Proton Gantry : Analysis of Beam Orientations From 4332 Treatments at the Massachusetts General Hospital Proton Center Over the Past 10 YearsYan, Susu; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Flanz, Jay; Adams, Judith; Trofimov, Alexei; Bortfeld, Thomas
2011medicine article s (192).pdf.jpg2011Uncertainties and correction methods when modeling passive scattering proton therapy treatment heads with Monte CarloBednarz, Bryan; Lu, Hsiao-ming; Engelsman, Martijn