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2013medicine article ar (553).pdf.jpg2013Angiographic localized haziness after drug-coated balloon angioplasty in de-novo lesions does not increase the risk of acute coronary thrombosisLee, Michael; Yang, Tae; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Park, Kyung Woo; Kim, Hyo-soo; Kim, Moo Hyun; Dangas, George; Jr, James Hermiller; Krucoff, Mitchell
2017 JACCCI Volume 10 Issue 7 April (7).pdf.jpg2017Assessment of Operator Variability in Risk Standardized Mortality Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Report From the NCDRDoll, Jacob a.; Dai, Dadi; Roe, Matthew T.; Messenger, John C.; Sherwood, Matthew W.; Prasad, Abhiram; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Rumsfeld, John S.; Wang, Tracy Y.; Peterson, Eric D.; Rao, Sunil V.
2013medicine article ar (346).pdf.jpg2013Carotid Revascularization Before Open Heart Surgery The Data-Driven Treatment Strategy *Mahmud, Ehtisham; Reeves, Ryan
2020 JACC Volume 75 Issue 18 May (3).pdf.jpg2020Catheterization Laboratory Considerations During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: From the ACC's Interventional Council and SCAIWelt, Frederick G.P.; Shah, Pinak B.; Aronow, Herbert D.; Bortnick, Anna E.; Henry, Timothy D.; Sherwood, Matthew W.; Young, Michael N.; Davidson, Laura J.; Kadavath, Sabeeda; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Kirtane, Ajay J.
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (422).pdf.jpg2016COMPLEX ROBOTICALLY-ASSISTED PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTIONS: REASONS FOR PARTIAL MANUAL ASSISTANCE OR MANUAL CONVERSIONHarrison, Jonathan; Naghi, Jesse; Ang, Lawrence; Bahadorani, John; Dominguez, Arturo; Cui, Song; Behnamfar, Omid; Patel, Mitul; Reeves, Ryan; Mahmud, Ehtisham
2017 JACCCI Volume 10 Issue 13 July (8).pdf.jpg2017Demonstration of the Safety and Feasibility of Robotically Assisted Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in&nbsp;Complex Coronary LesionsMahmud, Ehtisham; Naghi, Jesse; Ang, Lawrence; Harrison, Jonathan; Behnamfar, Omid; Pourdjabbar, Ali; Reeves, Ryan; Patel, Mitul
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 19 October (9).pdf.jpg2016Feasibility and Safety of Robotic Peripheral Vascular InterventionsMahmud, Ehtisham; Schmid, Florian; Kalmar, Peter; Deutschmann, Hannes; Hafner, Franz; Rief, Peter; Brodmann, Marianne
2018 JACCCI Volume 11 Issue 14 July (22).pdf.jpg2018The Hybrid Approach to Chronic Total Occlusion Percutaneous Coronary InterventionTajti, Peter; Karmpaliotis, Dimitri; Alaswad, Khaldoon; Jaffer, Farouc A; Yeh, Robert W; Patel, Mitul; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Choi, James W; Burke, M Nicholas; Doing, Anthony H; Dattilo, Phil; Toma, Catalin; Smith, A J Conrad; Uretsky, Barry; Holper, Elizabeth; Wyman, R Mich
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 1 January (20).pdf.jpg2017Incomplete Revascularization Long Term Mortality After Coronary Revascularization in Nondiabetic Patients With Multivessel DiseasePourdjabbar, Ali; Hibbert, Benjamin; Patel, Mitul P; Reeves, Ryan R; Mahmud, Ehtisham
2020 JACCCI Volume 13 Issue 8 April (9).pdf.jpg2020Intravascular Ultrasound Pulmonary Artery Denervation to Treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (TROPHY1): Multicenter, Early Feasibility StudyRothman, Alexander M.K.; Vachiery, Jean Luc; Howard, Luke S.; Mikhail, Ghada W.; Lang, Irene M.; Jonas, Michael; Kiely, David G.; Shav, Dalit; Shabtay, Or; Avriel, Avital; Lewis, Gregory D.; Rosenzweig, Erika B.; Kirtane, Ajay J.; Kim, Nick H.; Mahmud, Ehtisham; McLaugh
2015 JACC Volume 8 Issue 9 August (3).pdf.jpg2015Invasive Cardiologists Are Exposed to Greater Left Sided Cranial RadiationReeves, Ryan R; Ang, Lawrence; Bahadorani, John; Naghi, Jesse; Dominguez, Arturo; Palakodeti, Vachaspathi; Tsimikas, Sotirios; Patel, Mitul P; Mahmud, Ehtisham
2018 JACC Volume 72 Issue 17 October (5).pdf.jpg2018Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Acute Coronary Syndrome: Completing the Job Saves Lives∗Mahmud, Ehtisham; Ben-Yehuda, Ori
2018 JACC Volume 72 Issue 17 October (15).pdf.jpg2018Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Acute Coronary Syndrome: Completing the Job Saves Lives∗Mahmud, Ehtisham; Ben-Yehuda, Ori
2017 JACCCI Volume 10 Issue 13 July (6).pdf.jpg2017Plasma Phospholipids and Sphingolipids Identify Stent Restenosis After Percutaneous Coronary InterventionCui, Song; Li, Kefeng; Ang, Lawrence; Liu, Jinghua; Cui, Liqian; Song, Xiantao; Lv, Shuzheng; Mahmud, Ehtisham
2012medicine article bc (256).pdf.jpg2012Pre-Hospital Electrocardiography by Emergency Medical Personnel Effects on Scene and Transport Times for Chest Pain andPatel, Mitul; Dunford, James V; Aguilar, Steve; Castillo, Edward; Patel, Ekta; Fisher, Roger; Ochs, Ginger; Mahmud, Ehtisham
2014medicine article ai (291).pdf.jpg2014Predictors and Outcomes of Recurrent Stent ThrombosisShunk, Kendrick A; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Rogers, Jason H
2019 JACCCI Volume 12 Issue 4 February (11).pdf.jpg2019Procedural Outcomes of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions for Chronic Total Occlusions Via the Radial Approach: Insights From an International Chronic Total Occlusion RegistryTajti, Peter; Alaswad, Khaldoon; Karmpaliotis, Dimitri; Jaffer, Farouc a.; Yeh, Robert W.; Patel, Mitul; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Choi, James W.; Burke, M. Nicholas; Doing, Anthony H.; Dattilo, Phil; Toma, Catalin; Smith, a. J.Conrad; Uretsky, Barry F.; Holper, Elizabeth; Potl
2015 JACC Volume 8 Issue 14 December (7).pdf.jpg2015Radial Access for Rescue Percutaneous Coronary InterventionMahmud, Ehtisham; Patel, Mitul
2013medicine article ao (134).pdf.jpg2013Radial Access for ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction InterventionsMahmud, Ehtisham; Patel, Mitul
2020 JACCCI Volume 13 Issue 13 July (24).pdf.jpg2020Reply: Triage Considerations for Patients Referred for Structural Heart Disease Intervention During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic: An ACC/SCAI Consensus StatementShah, Pinak B.; Welt, Frederick G.P.; Mahmud, Ehtisham; Phillips, Alistair; Anwaruddin, Saif