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2012medicine article ac (414).pdf.jpg2012Calculation of out-of-field dose distribution in carbon-ion radiotherapy by Monte Carlo simulationYonai, Shunsuke; Matsufuji, Naruhiro
2016 RO Volume 120 Issue 2 August (24).pdf.jpg2016Dose prescription in carbon ion radiotherapy : How to compare two different RBE-weighted dose calculation systemsMolinelli, Silvia; Magro, Giuseppe; Mairani, Andrea; Matsufuji, Naruhiro; Kanematsu, Nobuyuki; Inaniwa, Taku; Mirandola, Alfredo; Russo, Stefania; Mastella, Edoardo; Hasegawa, Azusa; Tsuji, Hiroshi; Yamada, Shigeru; Vischioni, Barbara; Vitolo, Viviana; Ferrari, Alfredo
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2016Estimation of late rectal normal tissue complication probability parameters in carbon ion therapy for prostate cancerFukahori, Mai; Matsufuji, Naruhiro; Himukai, Takeshi; Kanematsu, Nobuyuki; Mizuno, Hideyuki
2016 RO Volume 120 Issue 2 August (27).pdf.jpg2016Modelling of organ-specific radiation-induced secondary cancer risks following particle therapyStokkevåg, Camilla H; Fukahori, Mai; Nomiya, Takuma; Matsufuji, Naruhiro; May, Grete; Hysing, Liv B; Ytre-hauge, Kristian S; Rørvik, Eivind; Szostak, Artur; Muren, Ludvig P
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 8 April (16).pdf.jpg2015Reformulation of a clinical-dose system for carbon-ion radiotherapy treatment planning at the National Institute of RadiologicalInaniwa, Taku; Kanematsu, Nobuyuki; Matsufuji, Naruhiro
2018 MP Volume 45 Issue 2  February  (14).pdf.jpg2018A silicon strip detector array for energy verification and quality assurance in heavy ion therapy:Debrot, Emily; Newall, Matthew; Guatelli, Susanna; Petasecca, Marco; Matsufuji, Naruhiro; Rosenfeld, Anatoly B.
2018 IJROBP Volume 102 Issue 5 December (17).pdf.jpg2018Tumor Control Probability Analysis for Single-Fraction Carbon-Ion Radiation Therapy of Early-Stage Non-small Cell Lung CancerPaz, Athena Evalour; Yamamoto, Naoyoshi; Sakama, Makoto; Matsufuji, Naruhiro; Kanai, Tatsuaki