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2019 JoACC Volume 73 Issue 19 May (10).pdf.jpg201910-Year Risk Equations for Incident Heart Failure in the General PopulationKhan, Sadiya S; Ning, Hongyan; Shah, Sanjiv J; Yancy, Clyde W; Carnethon, Mercedes; Berry, Jarett D; Mentz, Robert J; Correa, Adolfo; Suthahar, Navin; Boer, Rudolf A De; Wilkins, John T; Lloyd-jones, Donald M
2018 JACC Volume 72 Issue 1 July (3).pdf.jpg2018Adding Troponin to the Puzzle of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection FractionMentz, Robert J; Greene, Stephen J
2016 CIRC Volume 133 Issue 9 March (19).pdf.jpg2016Balancing the Best of Both WorldsMentz, Robert J; Hernandez, Adrian F; Berdan, Lisa G; Rorick, Tyrus; Brien, Emily C O; Ibarra, Jenny C; Curtis, Lesley H; Peterson, Eric D
2018 CIRCULATION Volume 137 Issue 24 June (5).pdf.jpg2018Cigarette Smoking and IncidentMentz, Robert J; Blaha, Michael J
2012medicine article bc (690).pdf.jpg2012Diuretics and Ultrafiltration in Acute Decompensated Heart FailureFelker, G Michael; Mentz, Robert J
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 25 June (6).pdf.jpg2017Hospitalization for Recently Diagnosed Versus Worsening Chronic Heart FailureGreene, Stephen J; Hernandez, Adrian F; Dunning, Allison; Ambrosy, Andrew P; Armstrong, Paul W; Butler, Javed; Cerbin, Lukasz P; Coles, Adrian; Ezekowitz, Justin A; Metra, Marco; Starling, Randall C; Teerlink, John R; Voors, Adriaan A; Mentz, Robert J
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 20 May (5).pdf.jpg2016Letters Assessment of Administrative Data to Identify Acute Myocardial Infarction in Electronic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Dabigatran 75 mg b . i . d . in Patients With Severe Chronic Kidney DiseaseMentz, Robert J; Mhs, L Kristin Newby; Ms, Ben Neely; Lucas, Joseph E; Mba, Sean D Pokorney; Mph, Meena P Rao; Ii, Larry R Jackson; Mph, Maria V Grau-sepulveda; Bs, Michelle M Smerek; Mrp, Pamela Barth; Ms, Charlotte L Nelson; Pencina, Michael J; Mba, Bimal R Shah
2018 Circulation Volume 138 Issue 10 September (10).pdf.jpg2018Reassessing the Role of Surrogate End Points in Drug Development for HeartMentz, Robert J; Ambrosy, Andrew P; Connor, Christopher M O