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2017 FS Volume 108  Issue 5 November (2).pdf.jpg2017Assessment of embryo morphology and developmental dynamics by time-lapse microscopy : is there a relation to implantation and ploidy ?Zaninovic, Nikica; Ph, D; Irani, Mohamad; Meseguer, Marcos; Ph, D
2013medicine article ap (317).pdf.jpg2013Assessment of sperm using mRNA microarray technologyGarcía-herrero, Sandra; Meseguer, Marcos
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 3 March (30).pdf.jpg2016Blastocyst development in single medium with or without renewal on day 3 : a prospective cohort study on sibling donor oocytes in a time-lapse incubatorMeseguer, Marcos; Galliano, Daniela
2015 FS Volume 104 Issue 3 September (35).pdf.jpg2015Morphokinetics as a predictor of self-correction to diploidy in tripronucleated intracytoplasmic sperm injection – derived human embryosGrau, Noelia; Escrich, Laura; Galiana, Yolanda; Meseguer, Marcos
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 4 April (18).pdf.jpg2017The most well kept secret, embryo culture media: a smart reveal from an expertMeseguer, Marcos; Pellicer, Antonio
2015 FS Volume 104 Issue 4 October (7).pdf.jpg2015New strategy for diagnosing embryo implantation potential by combining proteomics and time-lapse technologiesDominguez, Francisco; Meseguer, Marcos; Aparicio-ruiz, Belen
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (11).pdf.jpg2017One for all or all for one The evolution of embryo morphokineticsMeseguer, Marcos; Pellicer, Antonio
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 3 March (41).pdf.jpg2016Optimizing the culture environment and embryo manipulation to help maintain embryo developmental potentialSwain, Jason E; Carrell, Doug; Cobo, Ana; Meseguer, Marcos
2013medicine article ap (322).pdf.jpg2013Selection of high potential embryos using time-lapse imaging : the era of morphokineticsHerrero, Javier; Meseguer, Marcos
2013medicine article ap (498).pdf.jpg2013A time to look back : analysis of morphokinetic characteristics of human embryo developmentHerrero, Javier; Tejera, Alberto; Albert, Carmela; Vidal, Carmina; Santos, De Los; Meseguer, Marcos
2018 Fertility_Sterility Volume 109 Issue 4 April (24).pdf.jpg2018To invade, or to observe, that is the questionMeseguer, Marcos; Pellicer, Antonio