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2013medicine article ar (412).pdf.jpg2013The Complex Nature of Discordant Severe Calcified Aortic Valve Disease Grading New Insights From Combined Doppler Echocardiographic andClavel, Marie-annick; Messika-zeitoun, David; Pibarot, Philippe; Aggarwal, Shivani R; Malouf, Joseph; Araoz, Phillip A; Michelena, Hector I; Cueff, Caroline; Larose, Eric; Capoulade, Romain; Vahanian, Alec; Enriquez-sarano, Maurice; City, Quebec
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (518).pdf.jpg2016EFFECT OF TRANSCATHETER MITRAL REPAIR WITH THE CARDIOBAND DEVICE ON 3-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY OF THE MITRAL ANNULUSArsalan, Mani; Agricola, Eustachio; Alfieri, Ottavio; Baldus, Stephan; Colombo, Antonio; Filardo, Giovanni; Hammerstingl, Christoph; Huntgeburth, Michael; Kreidel, Felix; Kuck, Karl-heinz; Canna, Giovanni La; Messika-zeitoun, David; Maisano, Francesco; Nickenig, Georg
2018 JACC Volume 71 Issue 15 April (8).pdf.jpg2018Implementation of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in FranceNguyen, Virginia; Michel, Morgane; Eltchaninoff, Helene; Gilard, Martine; Dindorf, Christel; Iung, Bernard; Mossialos, Elias; Cribier, Alain; Vahanian, Alec; Chevreul, Karine; Messika-zeitoun, David
2017 JASE Volume 30 Issue 1 January (28).pdf.jpg2017Is Transesophageal Echocardiography Needed before Hospital Discharge in Patients after Bentall Surgery Waldmann, Victor; Milleron, Olivier; Iung, Bernard; Messika-zeitoun, David
2019 JoACC Volume 73 Issue 9 March (12).pdf.jpg2019to Calcium Deposition inMorvan, Marion; Arangalage, Dimitri; Perez, Fanny; Codogno, Isabelle; Deschildre, Catherine; Choqueux, Christine; Even, Guillaume; Michel, Jean-baptiste; Messika-zeitoun, David; Nicoletti, Antonino; Caligiuri, Giuseppina; Laschet, Jamila
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 19 October (22).pdf.jpg2016Transcatheter Mitral Annuloplasty in Chronic Functional Mitral RegurgitationNickenig, Georg; Hammerstingl, Christoph; Schueler, Robert; Topilsky, Yan; Grayburn, Paul A; Vahanian, Alec; Messika-zeitoun, David; Alcazar, Marina Urena; Baldus, Stephan; Volker, Rudolph; Huntgeburth, Michael; Latib, Azeem; Canna, Giovanni La; Agricola, Eustachio; Co