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2012medicine article bc (607).pdf.jpg2012Assessing the Association of Appropriateness of Coronary Revascularization and Clinical Outcomes for Patients With Stable Coronary Artery DiseaseNatarajan, Madhu K; Nagpal, A Dave; Feindel, Christopher M; Kingsbury, Kori; Cohen, Eric A; Tu, Jack V; Care, Cardiac
2019 JACC Volume 74 Issue 22 December (25).pdf.jpg2019considered too high and may be favored over surgery.Wood, David A; Cairns, John A; Wang, Jia; Mehran, Roxana; Storey, Robert F; Nguyen, Helen; Meeks, Brandi; Kunadian, Vijay; Tanguay, Jean-francois; Kim, Hahn-ho; Cheema, Asim; Deghani, Payam; Natarajan, Madhu K; Jolly, Sanjit S; Amerena, John; Keltai, Matyas; James, Stefa
2013medicine article ao (45).pdf.jpg2013Effect of Radial Versus Femoral Access on Radiation Dose and the Importance of Procedural VolumeSteg, Philippe Gabriel; Natarajan, Madhu K; Cheema, Asim N; Rao, Sunil V; Cantor, Warren J; Valentin, Vicent; Fung, Anthony; Widimsky, Petr; Ferrari, Emile; Gao, Peggy; Jedrzejowski, Barbara
2012medicine article bc (605).pdf.jpg2012Long-Term Outcomes After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Insights on Prognostic Factors and Valve Durability From the Canadian Multicenter ExperienceRodés-cabau, Josep; Webb, John G; Cheung, Anson; Ye, Jian; Dumont, Eric; Osten, Mark; Feindel, Christopher M; Natarajan, Madhu K; Velianou, James L; Martucci, Giussepe; Devarennes, Benoît; Chisholm, Robert; Peterson, Mark; Thompson, Christopher R; Wood, David; Toggweiler, Stefan; Gurvitch, Ronen; Lichtenstein, Samuel V; Doyle, Daniel; Delarochellière, Robert; Teoh, Kevin; Chu, Victor; Bainey, Kevin; Lachapelle, Kevin; Cheema, Asim; Latter, David; Dumesnil, Jean G; Pibarot, Philippe; Horlick, Eric
2011medicine article h (53).pdf.jpg2011Radial Artery Access as a Predictor of Increased Radiation Exposure During a Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization ProcedureNatarajan, Madhu K