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2017 Lancet Volume 389 Issue 10072 March (5).pdf.jpg2017First line ceritinib versus platinum based chemotherapy in advanced ALK rearranged non small cell lung cancer ( ASCEND 4 ): a randomised , open label , phase 3 studySoria, Jean-charles; Tan, Daniel S W; Chiari, Rita; Wu, Yi-long; Paz-ares, Luis; Wolf, Juergen; Geater, Sarayut L; Orlov, Sergey; Cortinovis, Diego
2015 SO Volume 42 Issue 3 June  (17).pdf.jpg2015Immunologic Checkpoint Blockade in Lung CancerReck, Martin; Paz-ares, Luis
2015 SO Volume 42 Supplement 3 June (11).pdf.jpg2015Immunologic Checkpoint Blockade in Lung CancerReck, Martin; Paz-ares, Luis
2017 Lancet Volume 389 Issue 10066 January (6).pdf.jpg2017Lung cancer : current therapies and new targeted treatmentsHirsch, Fred R; Scagliotti, Giorgio V; Mulshine, James L; Kwon, Regina; Curran, Walter J; Wu, Yi-long; Paz-ares, Luis
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 35 December (6).pdf.jpg2017Nivolumab Versus Docetaxel in Previously Treated Patients With Advanced Non – Small-Cell Lung Cancer : Two-Year Outcomes From Two Randomized , Open-Label , Phase III Trials ( CheckMate 017 and CheckMate 057 )Horn, Leora; Spigel, David R; Vokes, Everett E; Holgado, Esther; Ready, Neal; Steins, Martin; Poddubskaya, Elena; Borghaei, Hossein; Felip, Enriqueta; Paz-ares, Luis; Pluzanski, Adam; Reckamp, Karen L; Burgio, Marco A; Crin, Lucio; Reck, Martin; Hellmann, Matthew D; Gees
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 4 February (6).pdf.jpg2017Results From the Phase III Randomized Trial of Onartuzumab Plus Erlotinib Versus Erlotinib in Previously Treated Stage IIIB or IV Non – Small Cell Lung Cancer : METLungSpigel, David R; Edelman, Martin J; Byrne, Kenneth O; Paz-ares, Luis; Mocci, Simonetta; Phan, See; Shames, David S; Smith, Dustin; Yu, Wei; Paton, Virginia E; Mok, Tony