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2015 IJD1 Volume 54 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2015Diagnostic imaging in paraneoplastic autoimmune multiorgan syndrome : retrospective single site study and literature review of 225 patientsLehman, Vance T; Barrick, Benjamin J; Pittelkow, Mark R; Peller, Patrick J; Camilleri, Michael J; Lehman, Julia S
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 3 September (36).pdf.jpg2018An effective game-based learning intervention for improving melanoma recognitionSharma, Amit; Ilyas, Muneeb; Mph, Nishita Maganty; Ms, Nan Zhang; Pittelkow, Mark R
2014medicine article s (384).PDF.jpg2014Incidence of bullous pemphigoid and mortality of patients with bullous pemphigoid in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1960 through 2009.Brick, Katherine E; Weaver, Chad H; Lohse, Christine M; Pittelkow, Mark R; Lehman, Julia S; Camilleri, Michael J; Al-Hashimi, Mustafa; Wieland, Carilyn N
2016 IJD Volume 55 Issue 8 August (13).pdf.jpg2016Lenalidomide treatment of cutaneous lupus erythematosus : the Mayo Clinic experienceKindle, Scott A; Wetter, David A; Davis, Mark D P; Pittelkow, Mark R; Sciallis, Gabriel F
2013medicine article v (177).pdf.jpg2013Letters 489 Hematology , b Mayo Clinic , Rochester , Minnesota Funding sources : None . Conflicts of interest : None declared . Correspondence to : Ryan A . Wilcox , MD , PhD , University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center , 1500 East Medical CenterWada, David A; Pittelkow, Mark R; Comfere, Nneka I; Gibson, Lawrence E; Ansell, Stephen M; Ryan, A; Arbor, Ann
2014medicine article s (11).pdf.jpg2014A population-based study of the association between bullous pemphigoid and neurologic disorders.Brick, Katherine E; Weaver, Chad H; Savica, Rodolfo; Lohse, Christine M; Pittelkow, Mark R; Boeve, Bradley F; Gibson, Lawrence E; Camilleri, Michael J; Wieland, Carilyn N
2014medicine article s (706).pdf.jpg2014Treatment of epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa using systemic and topical agentsMangold, Aaron R; Cole, Christine M; DiCaudo, David J; Pittelkow, Mark R; Sekulic, Aleksandar