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2017 LARYNGOSCOPE Volume 127 Issue 8 August (24).pdf.jpg2017A Cardiovascular Prescreening Protocol for Unmonitored In Office Laryngology ProceduresMadden, Lyndsay L; Ward, John; Ward, Anne; Young, Vyvy N; Smith, Libby J; Lott, David G; Bryson, Paul C; Clary, Matthew S; Weissbrod, Phillip A; Bock, Jonathan M; Blumin, Joel H; Rosen, Clark A
2014 OHNS Volume 150 Issue 4 April (31).pdf.jpg2014Comparison of Tolerance and Cost- Effectiveness of Two Nasal Anesthesia Techniques for Transnasal Flexible LaryngoscopyYoung, Vyvy N; Smith, Libby J; Rosen, Clark A
2017 LARYNGOSCOPE Volume 127 Issue 7 July (32).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Intralaryngeal Muscle Synkinesis on Perception of Voice Handicap in Patients With Unilateral Vocal Fold ParalysisLin, R Jun; Munin, Michael C; Rosen, Clark A; Smith, Libby J
2018 Laryngoscopes Volume 128 Issue 7 July (35).pdf.jpg2018Innervation Status in Chronic Vocal Fold Paralysis and Implications for Laryngeal ReinnervationLin, R Jun; Smith, Libby J; Munin, Michael C; Sridharan, Shaum; Rosen, Clark A
2018 Laryngoscope Volume 128 Issue 1  January  (21).pdf.jpg2018Laryngeal Distribution of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis in a Previously Untreated CohortBenedict, Peter A; Ruiz, Ryan; Yoo, Mijin; Verma, Avanti; Ahmed, Omar H; Wang, Binhuan; Dion, Gregory R; Voigt, Andrew; Merati, Albert; Rosen, Clark A; Amin, Milan R; Branski, Ryan C
2018 LARYNGOSCOPES Volume 128 Issue 6 June (49).pdf.jpg2018Minimal Clinically Important Difference of Voice Handicap Index-10 in Vocal Fold ParalysisYoung, Vyvy N; Jeong, Kwonho; Rothenberger, Scott D; Gillespie, Amanda I; Smith, Libby J; Gartner-schmidt, Jackie L; Rosen, Clark A
2014 LARYN Volume 124 Issue 8 Auust (53).pdf.jpg2014Prevalence and risk factors for musculoskeletal problems associated with microlaryngeal surgery: a national survey.Wong, Adrienne; Baker, Nancy; Smith, Libby; Rosen, Clark A
2016 LARYN Volume 126 Issue 11 November (24).pdf.jpg2016Singing Voice Outcomes Following Singing Voice TherapyDastolfo-hromack, Christina; Thomas, Tracey L; Rosen, Clark A; Gartner-schmidt, Jackie
2016 LARYN Volume 126 Issue 10 October (24).pdf.jpg2016Vocal Fold Motion Outcome Based on Excellent Prognosis With Laryngeal ElectromyographySmith, Libby J; Rosen, Clark A; Munin, Michael C
2016 LAYN Volume 126 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2016Voice Outcomes Following Treatment of Benign Midmembranous Vocal Fold Lesions Using a Nomenclature ParadigmAkbulut, Sevtap; Gartner-schmidt, Jackie L; Gillespie, Amanda I; Young, Vyvy N; Smith, Libby J; Rosen, Clark A
2018 Laryngoscope Volume 128 Issue 1  January  (20).pdf.jpg2018Weaning of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Patients With Suspected Laryngopharyngeal Reflux DiseaseLin, R Jun; Sridharan, Shaum; Smith, Libby J; Young, Vyvy N; Rosen, Clark A