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2013medicine article o (24).pdf.jpg2013Assessing the Relation Between Bone Marrow Signal Intensity and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient in Diffusion-Weighted MRIPadhani, Anwar R; Ree, Katherine Van; Collins, David J; Sa, Shirley D; Makris, Andreas; Ar, Padhani; K, Van Ree; Dj, Collins; Sa, D S
2017 BJH Volume 176 Issue 5 March (9).pdf.jpg2017Investigation and management of IgM and Waldenstr o associated peripheral neuropathies : recommendations from the IWWM 8 consensus panelSa, Shirley D; Jos, Marie; Castillo, Jorge J; Dimopoulos, Meletios; Kastritis, Efstathios; Laane, Edward
2016 BJH Volume 172 Issue 5 March (11).pdf.jpg2016€ m Central nervous system involvement by Waldenstr o macroglobulinaemia ( Bing-Neel syndrome ): a multi-institutional retrospective studyCastillo, Jorge J; Sa, Shirley D; Lunn, Michael P; Monique, C; Tedeschi, Alessandra; Lansigan, Frederick; Palomba, M Lia; Varettoni, Marzia; Garcia-sanz, Ramon; Nayak, Lakshmi; Lee, Eudocia Q; Rinne, Mikael L; Norden, Andrew D
2016 BJH Volume 172 Issue 4 February (19).pdf.jpg2016Treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with secondary central nervous system involvement : encouraging efficacy using CNS-penetrating R-IDARAM chemotherapyMaciocia, Paul; Badat, Mohsin; Sa, Shirley D; Joshi, Rahul; Lambert, Jonathan; Mohamedb-, Sajir; Pule, Martin; Linch, David
2017 BJH Volume 176 Issue 2 January (17).pdf.jpg2017Whole body magnetic resonance imaging in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma : early changes in lesional signal fat fraction predict disease responseLatifoltojar, Arash; Rabin, Neil; Popat, Rakesh; Bainbridge, Alan; Dikaios, Nikolaos; Rismani, Ali; Sa, Shirley D