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2012medicine article bp (402).pdf.jpg2012Assessing small-volume spinal cord dose for repeat spinal stereotactic body radiotherapy treatments.Ma, Lijun; Kirby, Neil; Korol, Renee; Larson, David a; Sahgal, Arjun
2016 MP Volume 43 Issue 8 August (21).pdf.jpg2016Backscatter dose effects for high atomic number materials being irradiated in the presence of a magnetic field : A Monte Carlo study for the MRI linac Backscatter dose effects for high atomic number materials being irradiated in the presence of a magneticAhmad, Syed Bilal; Sarfehnia, Arman; Kim, Anthony; Wronski, Matt; Sahgal, Arjun; Keller, Brian M; Ahmad, Syed Bilal
2016 RO Volume 120 Supplement 1 July (85).pdf.jpg2016CARO 2016Detsky, Jay; Kapadia, Anish; Conklin, John; Stanisz, Greg; Sahgal, Arjun; Heyn, Chris; Soliman, Hany
2016 RO Volume 120 Supplement 1 July (70).pdf.jpg2016CARO 2016Raman, Srinivas; Zeng, Liang; Sahgal, Arjun; Soliman, Hany; Tsao, May; Wendzicki, Carole; Chow, Edward; Lo, Simon
2018 IJROBP Volume 100 Issue 2 February (22).pdf.jpg2018Consensus Contouring Guidelines for Postoperative Completely Resected Cavity Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain MetastasesSoliman, Hany; Ruschin, Mark; Angelov, Lilyana; Brown, Paul D; Chiang, Veronica L S; Kirkpatrick, John P; Lo, Simon S; Mahajan, Anita; Oh, Kevin S; Sheehan, Jason P; Soltys, Scott G; Sahgal, Arjun
2017 IJROBP Volume 97 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2017Consensus Contouring Guidelines for Postoperative Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Metastatic Solid Tumor Malignancies to the SpineRedmond, Kristin J; Robertson, Scott; Lo, Simon S; Soltys, Scott G; Ryu, Samuel; Mcnutt, Todd; Chao, Samuel T; Yamada, Yoshiya; Ghia, Amol; Chang, Eric L; Sheehan, Jason; Sahgal, Arjun
2017 RO Volume 125 Issue 2 November (21).pdf.jpg2017Dosimetric feasibility of the hybrid Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ) - linac System ( MRL ) for brain metastases : The impact of the magnetic fieldTseng, Chia-lin; Eppinga, Wietse; Seravalli, Enrica; Hackett, Sara; Brand, Eric; Ruschin, Mark; Lee, Young K; Atenafu, Eshetu G; Sahgal, Arjun
2017 IJROBP Volume 98 Issue 3 July (34).pdf.jpg2017Dosimetric Impact of Using a Virtual Couch Shift for Online Correction of Setup Errors for Brain Patients on an Integrated High Field MRI Linac (MRL)Ruschin, Mark; Sahgal, Arjun; Tseng, Chia-Lin; Sonier, Marcus; Keller, Brian; Lee, Young
2018 IJROBP Volume 100 Issue 5 April (76).pdf.jpg2018Early Tissue Effects of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Spinal MetastasesSteverink, Jasper G.; Willems, Stefan M.; Philippens, Marielle E.P.; Kasperts, Nicolien; Eppinga, Wietse S.C.; Versteeg, Anne L.; van der Velden, Joanne M.; Faruqi, Salman; Sahgal, Arjun; Verlaan, Jorrit Jan
2018 IJROBP Volume 101 Issue 4 July (17).pdf.jpg2018Effect of Targeted Therapies on Prognostic Factors , Patterns of Care , and Survival in Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma and Brain MetastasesSperduto, Paul W; Deegan, Brian J; Li, Jing; Jethwa, Krishan R; Brown, Paul D; Lockney, Natalie; Beal, Kathryn; Rana, Nitesh G; Attia, Albert; Tseng, Chia-lin; Sahgal, Arjun; Shanley, Ryan; Sperduto, William A; Lou, Emil; Zahra, Amir; Buatti, John M; Yu, James B; Chiang,
2016 MP Volume 43 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of a commercial MRI Linac based Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm with geant 4 Evaluation of a commercial MRI Linac based Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm with geant 4Ahmad, Syed Bilal; Sarfehnia, Arman; Paudel, Moti Raj; Kim, Anthony; Hissoiny, Sami; Sahgal, Arjun; Ahmad, Syed Bilal
2018 IJROBP Volume 102 Issue 3 November (13).pdf.jpg2018Imaging-Based Outcomes for 24 Gy in 2 Daily Fractions for Patients with de Novo Spinal Metastases Treated With Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy ( SBRT )Tseng, Chia-lin; Soliman, Hany; Myrehaug, Sten; Lee, Young K; Ruschin, Mark; Atenafu, Eshetu G; Campbell, Mikki; Maralani, Pejman; Yang, Victor; Yee, Albert; Sahgal, Arjun
2018 IJROBP Volume 102 Issue 4 November (24).pdf.jpg2018Impact of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Gross Tumor Volume Delineation in Non-spine Bony Metastasis Treated With Stereotactic Body Radiation TherapyRaman, Srinivas; Chin, Lee; Erler, Darby; Atenafu, Eshetu G.; Cheung, Patrick; Chu, William; Chung, Hans; Loblaw, Andrew; Poon, Ian; Rubenstein, Joel; Soliman, Hany; Sahgal, Arjun; Tseng, Chia Lin
2018 RO Volume 127 Issue 2 May (25).pdf.jpg2018Local control and fracture risk following stereotactic body radiation therapy for non-spine bone metastasesErler, Darby; Brotherston, Drew; Sahgal, Arjun; Cheung, Patrick; Loblaw, Andrew; Chu, William; Soliman, Hany; Chung, Hans; Kiss, Alex; Chow, Edward; Poon, Ian
2017 IJROBP Volume 99 Issue 4 November (34).pdf.jpg2017Online Adaptive Radiation TherapyLim-reinders, Stephanie; Keller, Brian M; Al-ward, Shahad; Sahgal, Arjun; Kim, Anthony
2011medicine article s (25).pdf.jpg2011Physics in Medicine and BiologyLiu, Wei; Li, Yupeng; Li, Xiaoqiang; Quan, Michelle; Mohan, Radhe; Anand, Aman; Sahoo, Narayan; Gillin, Michael; Lin, Wei-chen; Hsu, Jui-sheng; Jaw, Twei-shiun; Pernot, Mathieu; Shiao, Stephen L; Sahgal, Arjun; Hu, Weigang; Jabbari, Siavash; Chuang, Cynthia; Hsu, I-chow; G
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 5 August (23).pdf.jpg2016Postoperative Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy ( SBRT ) for Spine Metastases : A Critical Review to Guide PracticeRedmond, Kristin J; Lo, Simon S; Fisher, Charles; Sahgal, Arjun
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 17 September (18).pdf.jpg2018Predictive factors of survival in a surgical series of metastatic epidural spinal cord compression and complete external validation of 8 multivariate models of survival in a prospective North American multicenter studyNater, Anick; Tetreault, Lindsay a.; Kopjar, Branko; Arnold, Paul M.; Dekutoski, Mark B.; Finkelstein, Joel a.; Fisher, Charles G.; France, John C.; Gokaslan, Ziya L.; Rhines, Laurence D.; Rose, Peter S.; Sahgal, Arjun; Schuster, James M.; Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Fehlin
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 8 April (28).pdf.jpg2018Psychometric evaluation and adaptation of the Spine Oncology Study Group Outcomes Questionnaire to evaluate health-related quality of life in patients with spinal metastasesVersteeg, Anne L.; Sahgal, Arjun; Rhines, Laurence D.; Sciubba, Daniel M.; Schuster, James M.; Weber, Michael H.; Varga, Peter Pal; Boriani, Stefano; Bettegowda, Chetan; Fehlings, Michael G.; Clarke, Michelle J.; Arnold, Paul M.; Gokaslan, Ziya L.; Fisher, Charles G.
2018 IJROBP Volume 101 Issue 2 June (42).pdf.jpg2018Radiation-Induced Edema After Single-Fraction or Multifraction Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Meningioma : A Critical ReviewMilano, Michael T; Sharma, Manju; Soltys, Scott G; Sahgal, Arjun; Usuki, Kenneth Y; Saenz, Jon-michael; Grimm, Jimm; Naqa, Issam El