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2018 AD Volume 154 Issue 9 September (18).pdf.jpg2018Association Between Mediterranean Anti-inflammatory Dietary Profile and Severity of Psoriasis Results From the NutriNet-Santé CohortTouvier, Mathilde; Kesse-guyot, Emmanuelle; Adjibade, Moufidath; Hercberg, Serge; Wolkenstein, Pierre; Chosidow, Olivier; Ezzedine, Khaled; Sbidian, Emilie
2015 JAAD Volume 73 Issue 3 September (20).pdf.jpg2015Low-dose methotrexate-induced skin toxicity: Keratinocyte dystrophy as a histologic markerDelyon, Julie; Ortonne, Nicolas; Benayoun, Emmanuel; Moroch, Julien; Wolkenstein, Pierre; Sbidian, Emilie; Chosidow, Olivier
2013medicine article s (32).pdf.jpg2013patible delay (4-28 days). In conjunction with the FDA alert, they highlight the risk associated with LV.Haddad, Cynthia; Sbidian, Emilie
2015 JAAD Volume 73 Issue 6 December (13).pdf.jpg2015Prognostic factors in necrotizing soft-tissue infections (NSTI): A cohort studyHua, Camille; Sbidian, Emilie; Hemery, Francois; Decousser, Jean Winoc; Bosc, Romain; Amathieu, Roland; Rahmouni, Alain; Wolkenstein, Pierre; Valeyrie-Allanore, Laurence; Brun-Buisson, Christian; de Prost, Nicolas; Chosidow, Olivier
2013medicine article ab (640).pdf.jpg2013Recalcitrant Pseudotumoral Anogenital Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 in HIV-Infected Patients : Evidence for Predominant B-Lymphoplasmocytic In fi ltration and Immunomodulators as Effective Therapeutic StrategySbidian, Emilie; Battistella, Maxime; Legoff, Jérome; Lafaurie, Matthieu; Bézier, Maud; Agbalika, Félix; Simon, François; Bouscarat, Fabrice; Cayuela, Jean-michel; Carcelain, Guislaine; Houhou, Nadira; Bagot, Martine; Molina, Jean Michel; Janier, Michel; Bachelez, Herv
2018 AoD Volume 154 Issue 4 April (10).pdf.jpg2018Spinal Dysraphism Presenting as a Translucent Papule in a Man Methotrexate-Associated B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disease in a Patient With Cutaneous T-Cell LymphomaHospital, Henri Mondor; Marne, Val De; Hospital, Bichat; Hospital, Henri Mondor; Tassigny, De; Sbidian, Emilie; J-m, Schiano De Colella; Efficacy, Ordi-ros J