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2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2016All-Cause Mortality in Women With Severe Postpartum Psychiatric DisordersMarie, Benedicte; Johannsen, Winther; Sc, B; Larsen, Janne Tidselbak; Laursen, Thomas Munk
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 3 September (11).pdf.jpg2016Altered DNA methylation and expression of PLAGL1 in cord blood from assisted reproductive technology pregnancies compared with natural conceptionsVincent, Rebecca N; Gooding, Luke D; Sc, B; Louie, Kenny; Sc, B; Wong, Edgar Chan
2017 FS Volume 108 Issue 6 December (24).pdf.jpg2017Association between preconception maternal beverage intake and in vitro fertilization outcomesMachtinger, Ronit; Gaskins, Audrey J; Sc, D; Mansur, Abdallah; Sc, M; Adir, Michal; Sc, B
2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 12 December (6).pdf.jpg2017Association of a History of Child Abuse With Impaired Myelination in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex : Convergent Epigenetic , Transcriptional , and Morphological EvidenceLutz, Pierre-eric; Ph, D; Tanti, Arnaud; Ph, D; Gasecka, Alicja; Ph, D; Barnett-burns, Sarah; Sc, B; Kim, John J; Sc, B
2018 FS Volume 110 Supplement 1 september (571).pdf.jpg2018Autologous stem cell ovarian transplantation to increase reproductive potential in patients who are poor respondersBuigues, Anna; Sc, B; Martínez, Susana
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 1 July (17).pdf.jpg2016Bacterial and fungal contamination risks in human oocyte and embryo cryopreservation : open versus closed vitri fi cation systemsMolina, Inmaculada; Mari, Miquel; Sc, B; Martínez, Vicente; Sc, B
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 21 May (15).pdf.jpg2016Blood-Pressure and Cholesterol Lowering in Persons without Cardiovascular DiseaseBosch, Jackie; Jaramillo, Patricio López; Zhu, Jun; Xavier, Denis; Avezum, Alvaro; Leiter, Lawrence A; Piegas, Leopoldo S; Parkhomenko, Alexander; Khunti, Kamlesh; Toff, William D; Reid, Christopher M; Varigos, John; Sc, B; Ac
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (36).pdf.jpg2017Characterizing nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in spent embryo culture media : genetic contamination identi fi edHammond, Elizabeth R; Sc, B; Mcgillivray, Brent C; Sc, M; Wicker, Sophie M; Sc, M; Peek, John C
2018 AJP Volume 175 Issue 8 August (8).pdf.jpg2018The Clinical Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Lamotrigine in Borderline Personality Disorder :Trial, A Randomized Placebo-controlled; Crawford, Mike J; Sanatinia, Rahil; Barrett, Barbara; Cunningham, Gillian; Sc, B; Dale, Oliver
2018 FS Volume 110 Issue 4 September (6).pdf.jpg2018Cumulative live birth rate in freeze-all cycles is comparable to that of a conventional embryo transfer policy at the cleavage stage but superior at the blastocyst stageSc, B; Bazzocchi, Antonia; Pennetta, Francesca; Sc, B; Bonu, Maria Antonietta; Sc, B
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 17 October (17).pdf.jpg2016Data Sharing — Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze ?Strom, Brian L; Buyse, Marc E; Sc, D; Hughes, John; Sc, B; Knoppers, Bartha M
2017 Fsterility Volume 108 Issue 4 October (20).pdf.jpg2017development and clinical outcomes : a comparative studyFawzy, Mohamed; Emad, Mai; Sc, B; Abdelrahman, Mohamed Y; Abdelghafar, Hazem
2018 NEJM Volume 379 Issue 15 October (3).pdf.jpg2018Endovenous Ablation in Venous Ulceration.Bourke, Mike G; Moloney, M Tony; Kavanagh, Eamon G; Heatley, Francine; Sc, B; Davies, Alun H; Sc, D
2018 NEJM Volume 379 Issue 11 September (12).pdf.jpg2018Essential Role ofShukron, Ariella Weinberg; Rachmiel, Mariana; Renbaum, Paul; Gulsuner, Suleyman; Walsh, Tom; Lobel, Orit; Sc, M; Dreifuss, Amatzia; Sc, B; Moshe, Avital Ben; Sc, M; Zeligson, Sharon; Sc, M; Segel, Reeval; Shore, Tikva; Sc, B; Kalifa, Rachel; Sc, M
2018 NEJMedicine Volume 379 Issue 18 November (13).pdf.jpg2018Genomic Analysis of Lassa Virus during an Increase in Cases in Nigeria in 2018Qu, James; Sc, M; Wohl, Shirlee; Ph, D; Brehio, Patrick; Akhilomen, Patience; Sc, B; Okonofua, Grace; Sc, M; Ye, Simon; Carter, Amber; Sc, B; Young, Adrianne Gladden; Freije, Catherine A; Sc, B; Omoregie, Omigie; Sc, B; Osiemi, Blessing; Sc, B; Muoebonam, Ekene B; Sc, B; Ande
2018 FS Volume 110 Supplement 1 september (613).pdf.jpg2018health , and reproductive outcomesKroon, Samuel J; Ravel, Jacques; Sc, B; Huston, Wilhelmina M
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 5 October (19).pdf.jpg2016High cytokine expression and reduced ovarian reserve in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma or non-Hodgkin lymphomaParadisi, Roberto; Vicenti, Rossella; Sc, B; Macciocca, Maria; Seracchioli, Renato
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 3 September (26).pdf.jpg2016human oocytes , embryos , and modelsLi, Min; Liu, Dong; Wang, Li; Wang, Weizhou; Sc, B; Wang, Aiming
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2017Impact of Hodgkin or non Hodgkin lymphoma and their treatments on sperm aneuploidy : a prospective study by the French CECOS networkMartinez, Guillaume; Walschaerts, Marie; Mitouard, Le; Sc, B; Borye, Remi; Sc, M
2017 FS Volume 108 Issue 6 December (21).pdf.jpg2017Impact of multiple blastocyst biopsy and vitri fi cation-warming procedures on pregnancy outcomesBradley, Cara K; Ph, D; Livingstone, Mark; Traversa, Maria V; Med, M Sc; Mcarthur, Steven J; Sc, B