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2018 AJSP Volume 42 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2018Criteria for Risk Stratification of Vulvar and Vaginal Smooth Muscle Tumors An Evaluation of 71 Cases Comparing Proposed Classification SystemsSayeed, Sadia; Xing, Deyin; Jenkins, Sarah M; Weisman, Paul S; Buehler, Darya; Warmke, Laura; Uram-tuculescu, Cora; Bakkum-gamez, Jamie N; Howitt, Brooke E; Cortese, Cherise; Park, Kay J; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 10 October (14).pdf.jpg2015Incidental Nodal Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Is Not a Harbinger of Pulmonary LymphangioleiomyomatosisSchoolmeester, J Kenneth; Park, Kay J
2018 AJSP Volume 42 Issue 6 June (14).pdf.jpg2018Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor Associated With the Placenta Short Tandem Repeat Genotyping Confirms Uterine Site of OriginLadwig, Nicholas R; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth; Weil, Laura; Chapman, Jocelyn S; Zaloudek, Charles; Umetsu, Sarah E
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 2 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Invasive Stratified Mucin-producing Carcinoma and Stratified Mucin-producing Intraepithelial Lesion ( SMILE ) 15 Cases Presenting a Spectrum of Cervical Neoplasia With Description of a Distinctive Variant of Invasive AdenocarcinomaLastra, Ricardo R; Park, Kay J; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2016Lower Female Genital Tract Tumors With Adenoid Cystic DifferentiationXing, Deyin; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth; Ren, Zhiyong
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 6 June (14).pdf.jpg2015SMARCB1-deficient Vulvar NeoplasmsClinicopathologic, A; Folpe, Andrew L; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth; Mccluggage, W Glenn; Sullivan, Lisa M; Castagna, Katharine; Ahrens, William A; Oliva, Esther; Biegel, Jaclyn A; Nielsen, G Petur
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 3 March (13).pdf.jpg2015TFE3 Translocation – associated Perivascular Epithelioid CellDiagnosis, Differential; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth; Dao, Linda N; Sukov, William R; Wang, Lu; Park, Kay J; Murali, Rajmohan; Hameed, Meera R; Soslow, Robert A