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2018 IJROBP Volume 101 Issue 3 July (17).pdf.jpg2018Method for Automatic Selection of Parameters in Normal Tissue Complication Probability ModelingChristophides, Damianos; Appelt, Ane L; Gusnanto, Arief; Lilley, John; Sebag-montefiore, David
2017 RO Volume 125 Issue 2 November (19).pdf.jpg2017Pelvic re-irradiation using stereotactic ablative radiotherapy ( SABR ): A systematic reviewJanet, Louise; Lilley, John; Hawkins, Maria A; Henry, Ann M; Dickinson, Peter; Sebag-montefiore, David
2018 IJROBP Volume 100 Issue 1 January (24).pdf.jpg2018Phase 2 Neoadjuvant Treatment Intensification Trials in Rectal Cancer : A Systematic ReviewTeo, Mark T W; Mcparland, Lucy; Appelt, Ane L; Sebag-montefiore, David
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 3 February (19).pdf.jpg2015Radiation-induced second primary cancer risks from modern external beam radiotherapy for early prostate cancer : impact of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy ( SABR ), volumetric modulated arc therapy ( VMAT ) and flattening filter free ( FFF ) radiotheraMurray, Louise J; Thompson, Christopher M; Lilley, John; Cosgrove, Vivian; Franks, Kevin; Sebag-montefiore, David; Henry, Ann M
2018 IJROBP Volume 100 Issue 1 January (29).pdf.jpg2018Systematic Review of Synthetic Computed Tomography Generation Methodologies for Use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging e Only Radiation TherapyJohnstone, Emily; Wyatt, Jonathan J; Henry, Ann M; Short, Susan C; Sebag-montefiore, David; Murray, Louise; Kelly, Charles G; Mccallum, Hazel M; Speight, Richard
2018 IJROBP Volume 101 Issue 5 August (44).pdf.jpg2018Toxicity , Tolerability , and Compliance of Concurrent Capecitabine or 5-Fluorouracil in Radical Management of Anal Cancer With Single-dose Mitomycin-C and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy : Evaluation of a National CohortJones, Christopher M; Adams, Richard; Downing, Amy; Glynne-jones, Rob; Harrison, Mark; Hawkins, Maria; Sebag-montefiore, David; Gilbert, Duncan C; Muirhead, Rebecca