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2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (963).pdf.jpg2016Arrhythmias and Clinical EP SKIN NERVE ACTIVITIES AND CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS IN PATIENTS RECOVERING FROM OPENShen, Mark J; Coffey, Arthur; Straka, Susan; Adams, David; Wagner, David B; Kovacs, Richard; Shen, Changyu; Chen, Lan S; Lin, Shien-fong; Chen, Peng Sheng
2013medicine article z (508).pdf.jpg2013Computer-generated reminders and quality of pediatric HIV care in a resource-limited setting.Were, Martin C; Nyandiko, Winstone M; Huang, Kristin T L; Slaven, James E; Shen, Changyu; Tierney, William M; Vreeman, Rachel C
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 25 December (18).pdf.jpg2017Crescendo Skin Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Ventricular ArrhythmiaKabir, Ryan a.; Doytchinova, Anisiia; Liu, Xiao; Adams, David; Straka, Susan; Chen, Lan S.; Shen, Changyu; Lin, Shien-Fong; Everett, Thomas H.; Chen, Peng-Sheng
2019 Circulation Volume 140 Issue 13 September (10).pdf.jpg2019Effect of Transdermal Testosterone and Oral Progesterone on Drug-Induced QT Interval Lengthening in Older MenMuensterman, Elena Tomaselli; Jaynes, Heather a.; Sowinski, Kevin M.; Overholser, Brian R.; Shen, Changyu; Kovacs, Richard J.; Tisdale, James E.
2012medicine article bc (305).pdf.jpg2012Electroanatomic Remodeling of the Left Stellate Ganglion After Myocardial InfarctionMarch, Keith; Lin, Shien-fong; Shen, Changyu; Fishbein, Michael C; Chen, Peng-sheng; Chen, Lan S
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 1 July (20).pdf.jpg2015Facial Fracture in the Setting of Whole-Body CT for Trauma: Incidence and Clinical Predictors.Whitesell, Ryan T; Steenburg, Scott D; Shen, Changyu; Lin, Hongbo
2018 JACCI Volume 11 Issue 9 May (23).pdf.jpg2018State Variation in the Use of Non-Acute Coronary Angiograms and Coronary Revascularization Procedures Temporal Trends in Inpatient Use of Intravascular Imaging Among Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in the United StatesMphil, Rishi K Wadhera; Shen, Changyu; Secemsky, Eric A; Strom, Jordan B; Yeh, Robert W
2018 JACCinterventions Volume 11 Issue 21 November (7).pdf.jpg2018Trends in Isolated Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement According to Hospital-Based Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement VolumesKundi, Harun; Strom, Jordan B.; Valsdottir, Linda R.; Elmariah, Sammy; Popma, Jeffrey J.; Shen, Changyu; Yeh, Robert W.