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2018 Epidemiology Volume 29 Issue 1 January  (11).pdf.jpg2018Aspirin Use and Mortality in Two Contemporary US CohortsHuang, Wen-yi; Daugherty, Sarah E; Shiels, Meredith S; Purdue, Mark P; Freedman, Neal D; Abnet, Christian C; Hollenbeck, Albert R; Hayes, Richard B; Silverman, Debra T; Berndt, Sonja I
2018 CID Volume 67 Issue 1 July (10).pdf.jpg2018Cancer Risk in Older Persons Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in the United StatesMahale, Parag; Engels, Eric A; Coghill, Anna E; Kahn, Amy R; Shiels, Meredith S
2015 CID Volume 60 Issue 4 February (5).pdf.jpg2015Comparison of Risk and Age at Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction , End-Stage Renal Disease , and Non-AIDS-De fi ning Cancer in HIV-Infected Versus Uninfected AdultsAlthoff, Keri N; Mcginnis, Kathleen A; Wyatt, Christina M; Freiberg, Matthew S; Gilbert, Cynthia; Oursler, Krisann K; Rimland, David; Rodriguez-barradas, Maria C; Dubrow, Robert; Park, Lesley S; Skanderson, Melissa; Shiels, Meredith S; Gange, Stephen J; Gebo, Kelly A
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 23 December (27).pdf.jpg2017Contribution of Solid Organ Transplant Recipients to the Pediatric Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Burden in the United States The Transplant Cancer Match ( TCM ) study linked theYanik, Elizabeth L; Shiels, Meredith S; Smith, Jodi M; Clarke, Christina A; Lynch, Charles F; Kahn, Amy R; Koch, Lori; Pawlish, Karen S; Engels, Eric A; Chaloux, Matthew; Curry, Michael; Parsons, Ruth
2017 CID Volume 64 Issue 4 February (14).pdf.jpg2017MAJOR ARTICLE HIV Infection , Immunosuppression , and Age at Diagnosis of Non AIDS Defining CancersShiels, Meredith S; Althoff, Keri N; Pfeiffer, Ruth M; Achenbach, Chad J; Abraham, Alison G; Castilho, Jessica; Cescon, Angela; Souza, Gypsyamber D; Dubrow, Robert; Eron, Joseph J; Gebo, Kelly; Gill, M John; Goedert, James J; Grover, Surbhi; Hessol, Nancy A; Justice, Am
2017 Pediatrics Volume 139 Issue 5 May (36).pdf.jpg2017METHODS Cancer Risk After Pediatric Solid Organ TransplantationShiels, Meredith S
2018 CANSER Volume 124 Issue 9 May (13).pdf.jpg2018Screening for Human Papillomavirus-Driven Oropharyngeal Cancer : Considerations for Feasibility and Strategies for ResearchKreimer, R; Shiels, Meredith S; Fakhry, Carole; Johansson, Mattias
2017 Lancet Volume 389 Issue 10073 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Trends in premature mortality in the USA by sex , race , and ethnicity from 1999 to 2014 : an analysis of death certificate dataShiels, Meredith S; Chernyavskiy, Pavel; Anderson, William F; Best, Ana F; Haozous, Emily A; Hartge, Patricia; Rosenberg, Philip S; Thomas, David; Freedman, Neal D; Gonzalez, Amy Berrington De
2016 BJH Volume 174 Issue 3 August (20).pdf.jpg2016Trends in primary central nervous system lymphoma incidence and survival in the U . S .Shiels, Meredith S; Pfeiffer, Ruth M; Besson, Caroline; Clarke, Christina A; Morton, Lindsay M; Nogueira, Leticia; Pawlish, Karen; Yanik, Elizabeth L; Suneja, Gita; Engels, Eric A