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2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 12 June (15).pdf.jpg2015Analytical computation of prompt gamma ray emission and detection for proton range verificationSterpin, E; Janssens, G; Smeets, J; Prieels, D; Priegnitz, Marlen; Perali, Irene; Vynckier, S
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 2 January (25).pdf.jpg2016Detection of mixed-range proton pencil beams with a prompt gamma slit cameraPriegnitz, M; Helmbrecht, S; Janssens, G; Perali, I; Smeets, J; Stappen, F Vander; Sterpin, E; Fiedler, F
2014medicine article ad (262).pdf.jpg2014Factors influencing the accuracy of beam range estimation in proton therapy using prompt gamma emission.Janssen, Fmfc; Landry, G; Cambraia Lopes, P; Dedes, G; Smeets, J; Schaart, D R; Parodi, K; Verhaegen, F
2014medicine article ad (403).pdf.jpg2014Prompt gamma imaging of proton pencil beams at clinical dose rate.Perali, I; Celani, a; Bombelli, L; Fiorini, C; Camera, F; Clementel, E; Henrotin, S; Janssens, G; Prieels, D; Roellinghoff, F; Smeets, J; Stichelbaut, F; Vander Stappen, F
2014medicine article ad (432).pdf.jpg2014Real-time proton beam range monitoring by means of prompt-gamma detection with a collimated camera.Roellinghoff, F; Benilov, a; Dauvergne, D; Dedes, G; Freud, N; Janssens, G; Krimmer, J; Létang, J M; Pinto, M; Prieels, D; Ray, C; Smeets, J; Stichelbaut, F; Testa, E
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 22 November (10).pdf.jpg2016Towards clinical application : prompt gamma imaging of passively scattered proton fields with a knife-edge slit cameraPriegnitz, M; Barczyk, S; Nenoff, L; Golnik, C; Keitz, I; Werner, T; Mein, S; Smeets, J; Stappen, F Vander; Janssens, G; Hotoiu, L; Fiedler, F; Prieels, D; Enghardt, W; Pausch, G; Richter, C