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2018 AD Volume 154 Issue 6 June (28).pdf.jpg2018Cost-effectiveness of Skin Cancer Referral and Consultation Using Teledermoscopy in AustraliaSnoswell, Centaine L; Caffery, Liam J; Rad, Dipappscience Diag; Whitty, Jennifer A; Soyer, H Peter; Gordon, Louisa G
2013medicine article s (192).pdf.jpg2013Dermoscopic Evaluation of Nodular MelanomaRabinovitz, Harold S; Oliviero, Margaret; Cabo, Horacio; Bono, Riccardo; Pizzichetta, Maria A; Claeson, Magdalena; Gaffney, Daniel C; Soyer, H Peter; Crafter, Greg; Mar, Ana
2018 AoD Volume 154 Issue 4 April (26).pdf.jpg2018Dermoscopy and Overdiagnosis of Melanoma In Situ JAMA Dermatology — The Year in Review , 2017Nufer, Kaitlin L; Raphael, Anthony P; Soyer, H Peter
2014medicine article p (47).pdf.jpg2014Incidence and Survival for Merkel Cell Carcinoma in Queensland, Australia, 1993-2010Youlden, Danny R; Soyer, H Peter; Youl, Philippa H; Fritschi, Lin; Baade, Peter D
2014medicine article p (12).pdf.jpg2014Mutation Status of Involuting and Stable Nevi in Dabrafenib Therapy With or Without TrametinibSchaider, Helmut; Jagirdar, Kasturee; Atkinson, Victoria; Lambie, Duncan; Prow, Tarl W; Sturm, Richard A; Soyer, H Peter
2013medicine article v (209).pdf.jpg2013Negative pigment network : An additional dermoscopic feature for the diagnosis of melanomaPizzichetta, Maria A; Talamini, Renato; Marghoob, Ash A; Soyer, H Peter; Argenziano, Giuseppe; Bono, Riccardo; Corradin, M Teresa; Giorgi, Vincenzo De; Rubegni, Pietro; Seidenari, Stefania; Stanganelli, Ignazio; Veronesi, Andrea
2013medicine article s (237).pdf.jpg2013Posterolateral Neck Texture ( Insulin Neck ): Early Sign of Insulin ResistanceMassone, Cesare; Wolf, Peter; Gringschl, Stephan; Soyer, H Peter; Hofmann-wellenhof, Rainer
2016 EAD Volume 30 Issue 3 March (25).pdf.jpg2016Pre-surgical basal cell carcinoma margin de fi nition : the SMART approachHospital, Princess Alexandra; Tan, J M; Sinnya, S; Soyer, H Peter
2016 AD Volume 152 Issue 7 July (30).pdf.jpg2016Validity and Reliability of Dermoscopic Criteria Used to Differentiate Nevi From Melanoma A Web-Based International Dermoscopy Society StudyCarrera, Cristina; Marchetti, Michael A; Dusza, Stephen W; Argenziano, Giuseppe; Braun, Ralph P; Halpern, Allan C; Jaimes, Natalia; Kittler, Harald J; Malvehy, Josep; Menzies, Scott W; Pellacani, Giovanni; Puig, Susana; Rabinovitz, Harold S; Scope, Alon; Soyer, H Peter