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2018 AC Volume 62 Issue 2 March-April (7).pdf.jpg2018Assessment of the Utility of Cytology and Flow Cytometry of Cerebrospinal Fluid Samples in Clinical PracticeNam, Anna S; Tam, Wayne
2017 AJCP Volume 147 Issue 5 May (2).pdf.jpg2017CD4 Negative Variant of Cutaneous Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm With a Novel PBRM1 Mutation in an 11 Year Old GirlYigit, Nuri; Suarez, Luisa Fernanda; Roth, Lisa Giulino; Orazi, Attilio; Tam, Wayne
2012medicine article u (166).pdf.jpg2012Composite Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia / Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma and Follicular Lymphoma Are Biclonal Lymphomas A Report of Two CasesBoiocchi, Leonardo; Witter, Rosanny Espinal; He, Bing; Subramaniyam, Shivakumar; Mathew, Susan; Nie, Kui; Cerutti, Andrea; Coleman, Morton; Knowles, Daniel M; Orazi, Attilio; Tam, Wayne
2015 AJCP Volume 143 Issue 2 February (38).pdf.jpg2015Cyclin D1-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with IGH-CCND1 translocation and BCL6 rearrangement: A report of two casesAl-Kawaaz, Mustafa; Mathew, Susan; Liu, Yifang; Gomez, Maria L.; Chaviano, Felicia; Knowles, Daniel M.; Orazi, Attilio; Tam, Wayne
2017 AJCP Volume 148 Issue 1 July (5).pdf.jpg2017Myelodysplastic Syndrome , Unclassifiable ( MDS U ) With 1 % Blasts Is a Distinct Subgroup of MDS U With a Poor PrognosisMargolskee, Elizabeth; Hasserjian, Robert P; Hassane, Duane; Tam, Wayne; Mathew, Susan; Ok, Chi Young; Wang, Sa A; Oak, Jean; Arber, Daniel A; Sam, C M E
2015 AJCP Volume 144 Issue 5 November (13).pdf.jpg2015Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma associated with an extracutaneous dissemination: A cytogenetic finding of potential prognostic valueSubramaniyam, Shivakumar; Magro, Cynthia M.; Gogineni, Swarna; Tam, Wayne; Mathew, Susan