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2016 RO Volume 121 Issue 3 December (12).pdf.jpg2016Clinical evidence of variable proton biological effectiveness in pediatric patients treated for ependymoma.Peeler, Christopher R; Mirkovic, Dragan; Titt, Uwe; Blanchard, Pierre; Gunther, Jillian R; Mahajan, Anita; Mohan, Radhe; Grosshans, David R
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 4 February (4).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of Monte Carlo and analytical dose computations for intensity modulated proton therapy Comparison of Monte Carlo and analytical dose computations for intensity modulated proton therapyYepes, Pablo; Adair, Antony; Grosshans, David; Mirkovic, Dragan; Poenisch, Falk; Titt, Uwe
2012medicine article bp (200).pdf.jpg2012Comprehensive analysis of proton range uncertainties related to patient stopping-power-ratio estimation using the stoichiometric calibrationYang, Ming; Zhu, X Ronald; Park, Peter C; Titt, Uwe; Mohan, Radhe; Virshup, Gary; Clayton, James E; Dong, Lei
2014medicine article ad (172).pdf.jpg2014Determination of average LET of therapeutic proton beams using Al2O3:C optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) detectors.Sawakuchi, Gabriel O; Sahoo, Narayan; Gasparian, Patricia B R; Rodriguez, Matthew G; Archambault, Louis; Titt, Uwe; Yukihara, Eduardo G
2017 IJROBP Volume 99 Issue 4 November (36).pdf.jpg2017Differences in Normal Tissue Response in the Esophagus Between Proton and Photon Radiation Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using In Vivo Imaging BiomarkersNiedzielski, Joshua S; Yang, Jinzhong; Mohan, Radhe; Titt, Uwe; Mirkovic, Dragan; Stingo, Francesco; Liao, Zhongxing; Gomez, Daniel R; Martel, Mary K; Briere, Tina M; Court, Laurence E
2013medicine article af (411).pdf.jpg2013Feasibility of proton-activated implantable markers for proton range verification using PETCho, Jongmin; Ibbott, Geoffrey; Gillin, Michael; Gonzalez-lepera, Carlos; Titt, Uwe; Paganetti, Harald; Kerr, Matthew; Mawlawi, Osama
2012medicine article bp (181).pdf.jpg2012Monte Carlo study of radial energy deposition from primary and secondary particles for narrow and large proton beamlet source modelsPeeler, Christopher R; Titt, Uwe
2017 MPHY Volume 44 Issue 11 November  (31).pdf.jpg2017Optimization of Monte Carlo particle transport parameters and validation of a novel high throughput experimental setup to measure the biological effects of particle beamsPatel, Darshana; Bronk, Lawrence; Guan, Fada; Peeler, Christopher R.; Brons, Stephan; Dokic, Ivana; Abdollahi, Amir; Rittmüller, Claudia; Jäkel, Oliver; Grosshans, David; Mohan, Radhe; Titt, Uwe
2012medicine article ac (94).pdf.jpg2012A procedure to determine the planar integral spot dose values of proton pencil beam spots b )Anand, Aman; Sahoo, Narayan; Zhu, X Ronald; Sawakuchi, Gabriel O; Poenisch, Falk; Amos, Richard A; Ciangaru, George; Titt, Uwe; Suzuki, Kazumichi; Mohan, Radhe; Gillin, Michael T
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 12 December (46).pdf.jpg2017Technical Note: Dosimetric characteristics of the ocular beam line and commissioning data for an ocular proton therapy planning system at the Proton Therapy Center HoustonTitt, Uwe; Suzuki, Kazumichi; Li, Yupeng; Sahoo, Narayan; Gillin, Michael T.; Zhu, Xiaorong R.