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2016 RO Volume 119 Supplement 1 April (212).pdf.jpg2016Accuracy of dose calculations on kV cone beam CT images of lung cancer patientsde Smet, Mariska; Schuring, Danny; Nijsten, Sebastiaan; Verhaegen, Frank
2011medicine article o (8).pdf.jpg2011An algorithm for efficient metal artifact reductions in permanent seed implantsXu, Chen; Verhaegen, Frank; Laurendeau, Denis
2018 Medical physics Volume 45 Issue 7 July (8).pdf.jpg2018Automated patient-speci fi c transperineal ultrasound probe setups for prostate cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyCamps, Saskia Maria; Verhaegen, Frank; Vanneste, Ben G L
2012medicine article bp (50).pdf.jpg2012Consequences of dose heterogeneity on the biological efficiency of 103 Pd permanent breast seed implantsAfsharpour, Hossein; Reniers, Brigitte; Landry, Guillaume; Pignol, Jean-philippe; Keller, Brian M; Verhaegen, Frank
2013medicine article af (299).pdf.jpg2013Deriving concentrations of oxygen and carbon in human tissues using single- and dual-energy CT for ion therapy applicationsLandry, Guillaume; Parodi, Katia; Wildberger, Joachim E; Verhaegen, Frank
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 11 June (30).pdf.jpg2016Dose rate mapping of VMAT treatmentsPodesta, Mark; Popescu, I Antoniu; Verhaegen, Frank
2012medicine article ac (150).pdf.jpg2012Dose reduction in LDR brachytherapy by implanted prostate gold fiducial markersLandry, Guillaume; Reniers, Brigitte; Lutgens, Ludy; Murrer, Lars; Afsharpour, Hossein; de Haas-Kock, Danielle; Visser, Peter; van Gils, Francis; Verhaegen, Frank
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 11 June (19).pdf.jpg2015Dose specification for 192 Ir high dose rate brachytherapy in terms of dose-to-water-in- medium and dose-to-medium-in-mediumFonseca, Gabriel Paiva; Tedgren, Å Carlsson; Reniers, Brigitte; Nilsson, Josef; Persson, Maria; Yoriyaz, H; Verhaegen, Frank
2012medicine article bp (223).pdf.jpg2012Dose to tissue medium or water cavities as surrogate for the dose to cell nuclei at brachytherapy photon energiesEnger, Shirin a; Ahnesjö, Anders; Verhaegen, Frank; Beaulieu, Luc
2016 RO Volume 119 Issue 1 April (23).pdf.jpg2016Dual energy CT in radiotherapy : Current applications and future outlookElmpt, Wouter Van; Landry, Guillaume; Das, Marco; Verhaegen, Frank
2018 RO Volume 126 Issue 3 March (9).pdf.jpg2018ESTRO ACROP: Technology for precision small animal radiotherapy research: Optimal use and challengesVerhaegen, Frank; Dubois, Ludwig; Gianolini, Stefano; Hill, Mark a.; Karger, Christian P.; Lauber, Kirsten; Prise, Kevin M.; Sarrut, David; Thorwarth, Daniela; Vanhove, Christian; Vojnovic, Boris; Weersink, Robert; Wilkens, Jan J.; Georg, Dietmar
2012medicine article bp (214).pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of a novel triple-channel radiochromic film analysis procedure using EBT2Hoof, Stefan J Van; Granton, Patrick V; Landry, Guillaume; Podesta, Mark; Verhaegen, Frank
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 14 July (15).pdf.jpg2015A framework for inverse planning of beam-on times for 3D small animal radiotherapy using interactive multi-objective optimisationBalvert, Marleen; Hoof, Stefan J Van; Granton, Patrick V; Trani, Daniela; Hertog, Dick Den; Hoffmann, Aswin L; Verhaegen, Frank
2018 RO Volume 126 Issue 3 March (24).pdf.jpg2018The influence of tissue composition uncertainty on dose distributions in brachytherapyMann-Krzisnik, Dylan; Verhaegen, Frank; Enger, Shirin a.
2012medicine article bp (308).pdf.jpg2012Layered mass geometry: a novel technique to overlay seeds and applicators onto patient geometry in Geant4 brachytherapy simulationsEnger, Shirin a; Landry, Guillaume; D'Amours, Michel; Verhaegen, Frank; Beaulieu, Luc; Asai, Makoto; Perl, Joseph
2012medicine article ac (440).pdf.jpg2012Magnitude of speed of sound aberration corrections for ultrasound image guided radiotherapy for prostate and other anatomical sitesFontanarosa, Davide; van der Meer, Skadi; Bloemen-van Gurp, Esther; Stroian, Gabriela; Verhaegen, Frank
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 9 May (23).pdf.jpg2015Measurement of absorbed dose to water around an electronic brachytherapy source . Comparison of two dosimetry systems : lithium formate EPR dosimeters and radiochromic EBT2 filmAdolfsson, Emelie; White, Shane; Landry, Guillaume; Lund, Eva; Gustafsson, Håkan; Verhaegen, Frank; Reniers, Brigitte; Tedgren, Åsa Carlsson
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 8 August (48).pdf.jpg2015Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation TherapySeco, Joao; Verhaegen, Frank
2017 RadiotherapyOncology Volume 124 Issue 3 September (23).pdf.jpg2017Nintedanib reduces radiation induced microscopic lung fibrosis but this cannot be monitored by CT imaging : A preclinical study with a high precision image guided irradiator qRuysscher, Dirk De; Vincent, Patrick; Gaby, Natasja; Hoof, Stefan Van; Wollin, Lutz; Weynand, Birgit; Dingemans, Anne-marie; Verhaegen, Frank; Dubois, Ludwig
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 11 June (2).pdf.jpg2018A novel approach to EPID-based 3D volumetric dosimetry for IMRT and VMAT QA A novel approach to EPID-based 3D volumetric dosimetry for IMRT and VMAT QAAlhazmi, Abdulaziz; Gianoli, Chiara; Neppl, Sebastian; Martins, Juliana; Veloza, Stella; Podesta, Mark; Verhaegen, Frank; Reiner, Michael; Belka, Claus; Parodi, Katia