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2018 BJA Volume 120 Issue 6 June (9).pdf.jpg2018Association of opioid prescribing practices with chronic pain and benzodiazepine co-prescription : a primary care data linkage studyTorrance, N; Mansoor, R; Wang, H; Gilbert, S; Macfarlane, G J; Serpell, M; Baldacchino, A; Hales, T G; Donnan, P; Wyper, G; Smith, B H; Colvin, L
2018 RO Volume 127 Issue 3 June (7).pdf.jpg2018Cited in: Chemical Abstracts, Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), Current Contents (Clinical Medicine; Life Sciences), Index Medicus (MEDLINE), Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS), Full text available on ScienceDirectPapers, Debate; Suzuki, R; Nosaki, K; Seto, T; Shimokawa, M; Takahashi, T; Review, Systematic; Sanduleanu, S; Woodruff, H C; Timmeren, J E Van; Jochems, A; Dubois, L; Mey, S De; Jiang, H; Wang, H; Engels, B; Gevaert, T; Dufait, I; Feron, O; Aerts, J; Verovski, V; Science, Dat
2016 CID Volume 63 Issue 9 November (15).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Infectious Diseases I N T H E LI T E R AT U R E Stan Deresinski , Section EditorNk, Shrestha; Sy, Shah; Wang, H
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 7 July (24).pdf.jpg2017Direct endovascular treatment : an alternative for bridging therapy in anterior circulation large vessel occlusion strokeWang, H; Zi, W; Hao, Y; Yang, D; Shi, Z; Lin, M; Wang, S; Liu, W; Wang, Z; Liu, X; Guo, F
2018 FS Volume 110 Supplement 1 september (751).pdf.jpg2018Effect of androgen level on the abortion rate in chinese women after assisted reproduction technologyYang, W; Wang, H; Yang, R; Wang, Y; Zhang, J
2015 JN Volume 122 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2015Enhanced anticancer properties of lomustine in conjunction with docosahexaenoic acid in glioblastoma cell linesHarvey, K A; Xu, Z; Saaddatzadeh, M R; Wang, H; Pollok, K; Cohen-Gadol, A A; Siddiqui, R A
2018 FS Volume 110 Supplement 1 september (821).pdf.jpg2018Epididymal sperm retrieval by modified open fine needle aspirationWang, H
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 3 February (23).pdf.jpg2015Factors affecting the repeatability of gamma camera calibration for quantitative imaging applications using a sealed sourceAnizan, N; Wang, H; Zhou, X C; Wahl, R L; Frey, E C
2017 CID Volume 65 Issue 3 August (32).pdf.jpg2017gene) and aminoglycosides (codon A1401G ofWang, H; Naghavi, M; Allen, C
2012medicine article bp (270).pdf.jpg2012GPU-accelerated voxelwise hepatic perfusion quantificationWang, H; Cao, Y
2013medicine article ab (637).pdf.jpg2013HIV / AIDS SWIFT : Prospective 48-Week Study to Evaluate Ef fi cacy and Safety of Switching to Emtricitabine / Tenofovir From Lamivudine / Abacavir in Virologically Suppressed HIV-1 Infected Patients on a Boosted Protease Inhibitor Containing AntiretrovirCampo, R; Dejesus, E; Bredeek, U F; Henry, K; Khanlou, H; Logue, K; Brinson, C; Benson, P; Dau, L; Wang, H; White, K; Flaherty, J; Fralich, T; Guyer, B; Piontkowsky, D
2013medicine article j (657).pdf.jpg2013Hla-b*13:01Liu, H; Irwanto, A; Li, Y; Liu, J; Liany, H; Wang, N; Zhou, Y; Yang, Q; Wang, C; Ning, Y; Pulit, S L; Long, H; Li, M; Wang, H; Xiao, P; Li, Z; Liu, J; Xiong, L; Yang, J
2013medicine article r (46).pdf.jpg2013Lipid profiles in untreated patients with dermatomyositisWang, H; Tang, J; Chen, X; Li, F; Luo, J
2014medicine article m (89).pdf.jpg2014Notices of CorrectionY, Re Shen; Zhong, M; Wu, W; Wang, H; Feng, M; Tan, L; The, Wang Q
2013medicine article af (29).pdf.jpg2013Patient-induced susceptibility effect on geometric distortion of clinical brain MRI for radiation treatment planning on a 3T scannerWang, H; Balter, J; Cao, Y
2016 IJROBP Volume 96 Supplement 2 October (151).pdf.jpg2016Predictive Value of FMISO Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Hypoxic Subvolume for Long-Term Disease Recurrence or Metastases in Mobile Spine and Sacrococcygeal ChordomaChen, Y L; Faridi, K; Wang, H; Lim, R; Schroeder, H; Bernstein, K; Choy, E; Hornicek, F J; DeLaney, T F
2018 FS Volume 110 Supplement 1 september (351).pdf.jpg2018The proteomics of human follicular fluid on the day of oocyte retrieval in in vitro fertilization cycleWang, H; Guo, X; Wang, R
2013medicine article r (285).pdf.jpg2013Rapid identification of Sporothrix schenckii in biopsy tissue by PCRLiu, X; Zhang, Z; Hou, B; Wang, D; Sun, T; Li, F; Wang, H; Han, S
2012medicine article h (72).pdf.jpg2012Root and canal morphology of maxillary first premolars in a Chinese subpopulation evaluated using cone-beam computed tomographyTian, Y; Guo, B; Zhang, R; Yu, X; Wang, H; Hu, T; Dummer, P M H
2015 JBJS Volume 97 Issue 13 July (3).pdf.jpg2015Surgical treatments of tumor-induced osteomalacia lesions in long bones: seventeen cases with more than one year of follow-upWang, H; Zhong, D; Liu, Y; Jiang, Y; Qiu, G; Weng, X