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2015 JMC Volume 58 Issue 17 September (11).pdf.jpg20156-Substituted Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine Thienoyl Regioisomers as Targeted Antifolates for Folate Receptor α and the Proton-Coupled Folate Transporter in Human TumorsWang, Lei; Wallace, Adrianne; Raghavan, Sudhir; Deis, Siobhan M.; Wilson, Mike R.; Yang, Si; Polin, Lisa; White, Kathryn; Kushner, Juiwanna; Orr, Steven; George, Christina; O'Connor, Carrie; Hou, Zhanjun; Mitchell-Ryan, Shermaine; Dann, Charles E.; Matherly, Larry H.; Ga
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 8 August (4).pdf.jpg2016Analysis of NAB2-STAT6 Gene Fusion in 17 Cases of Meningeal Solitary Fibrous Tumor / HemangiopericytomaYuzawa, Sayaka; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Wang, Lei; Tsuda, Masumi
2018 Chemosphere Volume 199  May  (6).pdf.jpg2018Benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles in paired maternal urine and amniotic fluid samples from Tianjin, ChinaLi, Xiaoying; Wang, Lei; Asimakopoulos, Alexandros G.; Sun, Hongwen; Zhao, Zhen; Zhang, Junjie; Zhang, Lu; Wang, Qi
2015 IJD1 Volume 54 Issue 8 August (21).pdf.jpg2015Case report Two cases of giant keratoacanthoma centrifugum marginatum accompanied by a -human papillomavirus infectionYang, Yang; Xu, Yanan; Wang, Lei; Liao, Wenjun
2018 Chemosphere Volume 190  January  (18).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere In fl uence of lead on stabilization / solidi fi cation by ordinary Portland cement and magnesium phosphate cementWang, Yan-shuai; Dai, Jian-guo; Wang, Lei; Tsang, Daniel C W; Poon, Chi Sun
2015 IJD1 Volume 54 Issue 12 December (37).pdf.jpg2015Clinicopathologic features and prognostic factors in patients with non-cutaneous malignant melanoma: A single-center retrospective study of 71 casesZhu, Hong; Dong, Dandan; Li, Fanghua; Liu, Dandan; Wang, Lei; Fu, Jing; Song, Linhong; Xu, Gang
2011medicine article d (2257).pdf.jpg2011Creation of Bioorthogonal Redox Systems Depending on Nicotinamide Flucytosine DinucleotideJi, Debin; Wang, Lei; Hou, Shuhua; Liu, Wujun; Wang, Jinxia; Wang, Qian; Zhao, Zongbao K
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 19 October (6).pdf.jpg2017Decreased Relapsed Rate and Treatment Related Mortality Contribute to Improved Outcomes for Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Successive Clinical TrialsAlexander, Thomas B; Wang, Lei; Inaba, Hiroto; Triplett, Brandon M
2012medicine article c (2246).pdf.jpg2012Direct Arylation/Alkylation/Magnesiation of Benzyl Alcohols in the Presence of Grignard Reagents via Ni ‑ , Fe ‑ , or Co-Catalyzed sp 3 C − O Bond ActivationWang, Xin; Zhu, Ru-yi; Luo, Shuang; Zhang, Xiao-bo; Wang, Bi-qin; Wang, Lei; Shi, Zhang-jie
2012medicine article c (2662).pdf.jpg2012Directly Observed Halocarbene − Halocarbanion EquilibrationWang, Lei; Moss, Robert A; Krogh-jespersen, Karsten
2016 RO Volume 119 Issue 1 April (29).pdf.jpg2016A dosimetric comparison of real-time adaptive and non-adaptive radiotherapy : A multi-institutional study encompassing robotic , gimbaled , multileaf collimator and couch trackingColvill, Emma; Booth, Jeremy; Nill, Simeon; Fast, Martin; Bedford, James; Oelfke, Uwe; Scherman, Jonas; Pommer, Tobias; Munck, Per; Lang, Stephanie; Guckenberger, Matthias; Groh, Christian; Herrmann, Christian; Verellen, Dirk; Poels, Kenneth; Wang, Lei; Hadsell, Michael
2017 LARYNGOSCOPE Volume 127 Issue 8 August (16).pdf.jpg2017Duty Hour Restrictions and Surgical Complications for Head and Neck Key Indicator Procedures The Accreditation Council for Graduate MedicalSmith, Aaron; Jain, Nikhita; Wan, Jim; Wang, Lei; Sebelik, Merry
2011medicine article c (774).pdf.jpg2011Enantiospecific Synthesis of Genetically Encodable FluorescentXiang, Zheng; Wang, Lei
2012medicine article bp (47).pdf.jpg2012An end-to-end examination of geometric accuracy of IGRT using a new digital accelerator equipped with onboard imaging systemWang, Lei; Kielar, Kayla N; Mok, Ed; Hsu, Annie; Dieterich, Sonja
2018 WR Volume 139 August (17).pdf.jpg2018Evidences of extracellular abiotic degradation of hexadecane through free radical mechanism induced by the secreted phenazine compounds of P . aeruginosa NY3Nie, Hongyun; Nie, Maiqian; Wang, Lei; Diwu, Zhenjun; Xiao, Ting; Qiao, Qi; Wang, Yan
2016 AAP Volume 96 November (26).pdf.jpg2016Exploring factors affecting pedestrians ’ red-light running behaviors at intersections in ChinaZhang, Weihua; Wang, Kun; Wang, Lei; Feng, Zhongxiang; Du, Yingjie
2011medicine article c (608).pdf.jpg2011Fluorescent β -Cyclodextrins Modified by Isomeric Aminobenzamides : Synthesis , Conformational Analysis , and Fluorescent BehaviorsWang, Lei; Zhong, Cheng; Xue, Peng; Fu, Enqin
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October (242).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e0576 The effects of Tonifying Kidney granule, a Chinese Medical formulation, on the serum lipid profile in Chinese menopausal womenNie, Guangning; Liu, Jian; Wang, Lei; Wang, Xiaoyun
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October (309).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e0752 Study on the Early Evaluation and Screening Method of Heart Failure Model after Myocardial Infarction from the Correlation Analysis of Electrocardiogram and Ultrasonic CardiogramWang, Lei; Zhao, Mingjing
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 35 December (10).pdf.jpg2017Identi fi cation of Clinical and Biologic Correlates Associated With Outcome in Children With Adrenocortical Tumors Without Germline TP53 Mutations : A St Jude Adrenocortical Tumor Registry and Children ’ s Oncology Group StudyPinto, Emilia Modolo; Rodriguez-galindo, Carlos; Pounds, Stanley B; Wang, Lei; Clay, Michael R; Neale, Geoffrey; Gar, Elizabeth A R; Lam, Catherine G; Levy, Carolyn Fein; Pappo, Alberto S; Zambetti, Gerard P; Ribeiro, Raul C