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2018 AB Volume 77  February  (29).pdf.jpg2018Addictive Behaviors Smoking and drinking behaviors of military spouses : Findings from the Millennium Cohort Family StudyTrone, Daniel W; Powell, Teresa M; Bauer, Lauren M; Seelig, Amber D; Peterson, Arthur V; Littman, Alyson J; Williams, Emily C; Maynard, Charles C; Bricker, Jonathan B; Boyko, Edward J
2018 DAD Volume 189 August (3).pdf.jpg2018Changes in alcohol use associated with changes in HIV disease severity over time : A national longitudinal study in the Veterans Aging CohortWilliams, Emily C; Mcginnis, Kathleen A; Bobb, Jennifer F; Rubinsky, Anna D; Lapham, Gwen T; Skanderson, Melissa; Catz, Sheryl L; Bensley, Kara M; Richards, Julie E; Bryant, Kendall J; Edelman, E Jennifer; Satre, Derek D; Marshall, Brandon D L; Kraemer, Kevin L; Blosni
2018 DAD Volume 188 July (101).pdf.jpg2018Receipt of alcohol-related care among patients with HCV and unhealthy alcohol useOwens, Mandy D; Ioannou, George N; Tsui, Judith L; Edelman, E Jennifer; Greene, Preston A; Williams, Emily C
2016 DAD Volume 161 Issue 1 April (12).pdf.jpg2016Risk of mortality and physiologic injury evident with lower alcohol exposure among HIV infected compared with uninfected menJustice, Amy C; Mcginnis, Kathleen A; Tate, Janet P; Braithwaite, R Scott; Bryant, Kendall J; Cook, Robert L; Edelman, E Jennifer; Fiellin, Lynn E; Freiberg, Matthew S; Gordon, Adam J; Kraemer, Kevin L; Marshall, Brandon D L; Williams, Emily C; Fiellin, David A
2017 DAD Volume 178 September (68).pdf.jpg2017Variation in receipt of pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorders across racial / ethnic groups : A national study in the U . S . Veterans Health AdministrationWilliams, Emily C; Gupta, Shalini; Rubinsky, Anna D; Glass, Joseph E; Jones-webb, Rhonda; Bensley, Kara M; Harris, Alex H S