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2011medicine article r (18).pdf.jpg2011An Aspiration Material Preparation System : Application of a New Liquid-Based Cytology Technique for Fine-Needle Aspiration of the BreastWords, Key
2017 AC Volume 61 Issue 1 January-February (13).pdf.jpg2017c Myb Overexpression in Cytology Smears of Tracheobronchial and Pulmonary Adenoid Cystic CarcinomasWords, Key
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 5 November (12).pdf.jpg2015DiscussionDisease, Acquired Cardiovascular; Henn, Arrhythmias; Words, Key; Journal, New England; Af, Ablate-; Ad, Niv; En-, New
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 4 October (73).pdf.jpg2015DiscussionDisease, Acquired Cardiovascular; Words, Key; Var, Te-
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 6 December (4).pdf.jpg2015DiscussionYang, Lung Cancer; Words, Key
2015 JTCS Volume 149 Issue 6 June (54).pdf.jpg2015future issues of our sister publications , Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and OperativeFrischknecht, Mesothelioma; Words, Key
2013medicine article ap (81).pdf.jpg2013The levels of hepatocyte growth factor in serum and follicular fl uid and the expression of c-Met in granulosa cells in patients with polycystic ovary syndromeDo, Erbil; Hgf, The; Measure, Main Outcome; Steril, Fertil; Society, American; Medicine, Reproductive; Words, Key
2016 ACTA Volume 60 Issue 3 June (12).pdf.jpg2016Malignant Myoepithelioma of the Breast Clinically and Histologically Masquerading as Angiosarcoma : Cytological Findings and Review of the LiteratureFacts, Established; Insights, Novel; Words, Key
2016 ACTA Volume 60 Issue 3 June (1).pdf.jpg2016The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology : The Quest to Develop a Standardized TerminologyWords, Key
2011medicine article r (48).pdf.jpg2011Preliminary Study of a New , Fully Automated System for Liquid-Based Cytology : The NovaPrep Words, Key
2011medicine article r (37).pdf.jpg2011Repeat Processing of Residual ThinPrep Pap Tests : Sampling of the Vial May NotWords, Key
2011medicine article r (61).pdf.jpg2011Simultaneous Detection of T Lymphocyte-Related Antigens ( CD4 / CD8 , CD57 , TCR ␤ ) with Nuclei by Fluorescence-Based Immunohistochemistry in Paraffin-Embedded Human Lymph Node , LiverWords, Key
2011medicine article r (60).pdf.jpg2011Three-Dimensional Nuclear Luminance Analysis in Well-Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of the LungWords, Key