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2013medicine article v (239).pdf.jpg2013Association between tumor necrosis factor inhibitor therapy and myocardial infarction risk in patients with psoriasis.Wu, Jashin J; Poon, Kwun-Yee T; Channual, Jennifer C; Shen, Albert Yuh-Jer
2014medicine article s (126).pdf.jpg2014Bariatric surgery and psoriasis.Sako, Eric Y; Famenini, Shannon; Wu, Jashin J
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 4 October (22).pdf.jpg2018Drug survival of apremilast in patients treated for psoriasis in a real-world settingBs, Erica B Lee; Amin, Mina; Wu, Jashin J
2016 JTAAD Volume 75 Issue 5 November (31).pdf.jpg2016Effects of tofacitinib on cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular outcomes based on phase III and long-term extension data in patients with plaque psoriasisWu, Jashin J; Strober, Bruce E; Hansen, Peter R; Ahlehoff, Ole
2016 JAAD Volume 75 Issue 2 August (57).pdf.jpg2016Family history predicts major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) in young adults with psoriasisEgeberg, Alexander; Bruun, Louise E; Mallbris, Lotus; Gislason, Gunnar H; Dmsc, Lone Skov; Wu, Jashin J; Dmsc, Peter R Hansen
2016 JAAD Volume 75 Issue 4 October (58).pdf.jpg2016From the Medical Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation: Perioperative management of systemic immunomodulatory agents in patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritisChoi, Young M; Debbaneh, Maya; Weinberg, Jeffrey M; Yamauchi, Paul S; Voorhees, Abby S Van; Mph, April W Armstrong; Siegel, Michael; Wu, Jashin J
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 2 August (41).pdf.jpg2018How data can deliver for dermatologyAbuabara, Katrina; Msce, M A; Mph, Maryam M Asgari; Ms, Suephy C Chen; Msph, Robert P Dellavalle; Mhsc, Sunil Kalia; Secrest, Aaron M; Mph, Jonathan I Silverberg; Solomon, James A; Weinstock, Martin A; Wu, Jashin J; Chren, Mary-margaret; Expert, Epidemiology
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 1 July (41).pdf.jpg2018Ixekizumab treatment shows a neutral impact on cardiovascular parameters in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis : Results from UNCOVER-1 ,Egeberg, Alexander; Wu, Jashin J; Korman, Neil; Solomon, James A; Goldblum, Orin; Zhao, Fangyi; Mallbris, Lotus
2018 AAD Volume 78 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2018Management of psoriasis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease : From the Medical Board of the National Psoriasis FoundationWhitlock, Scott M; Enos, Clinton W; Armstrong, April W; Gottlieb, Alice; Langley, Richard G; Lebwohl, Mark; Merola, Joseph F; Ryan, Caitriona; Siegel, Michael P; Weinberg, Jeffrey M; Wu, Jashin J; Voorhees, Abby S Van
2016 JAAD Volume 75 Issue 2 August (37).pdf.jpg2016Peculiar purpuric maculesSoleymani, Teo; Wu, Jashin J
2016 AAD Volume 74 Issue 3 March (23).pdf.jpg2016Persistence and failure rates of adalimumab monotherapy in biologic-naIve patients with psoriasis: A retrospective studyBs, Shivani P Reddy; Bs, Elaine J Lin; Bs, Vidhi V Shah; Wu, Jashin J
2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 14 October (14).pdf.jpg2015Phase 3 Studies Comparing Brodalumab with Ustekinumab in Psoriasis.Lebwohl, Mark; Strober, Bruce; Menter, Alan; Gordon, Kenneth; Weglowska, Jolanta; Puig, Lluis; Papp, Kim; Spelman, Lynda; Toth, Darryl; Kerdel, Francisco; Armstrong, April W; Stingl, Georg; Kimball, Alexa B; Bachelez, Herve; Wu, Jashin J; Crowley, Jeffrey; Langley, Richa
2017 AAODermatology Volume 77 Issue 3 September (26).pdf.jpg2017R ESEARCHWan, Marilyn T; Mph, Mbchb; Strober, Bruce E; Wu, Jashin J; Shin, Daniel B; Msce, Joel M Gelfand
2017 JAAD Volume 77 Issue 6 December (25).pdf.jpg2017Reply to: Comment on ``Efficacy and safety of etanercept and adalimumab with and without a loading dose for psoriasis: A systematic review''Ba, Daniel J No; Bs, Mina Amin; Wu, Jashin J
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 4 October (46).pdf.jpg2018Repy to: ``Comment on `Drug survival of apremilast for psoriasis in a real-world setting'''Bs, Erica B Lee; Amin, Mina; Wu, Jashin J
2018 AAD Volume 79 Issue 1 July (34).pdf.jpg2018The risk of cardiovascular events in psoriasis patients treated with tumor necrosis factor e a inhibitors versus phototherapy : An observational cohort studyWu, Jashin J; Sundaram, Murali; Cloutier, Martin
2017 AAODermatology Volume 77 Issue 4  October (52).pdf.jpg2017Therapy for severe psoriasisWu, Jashin J; Feldman, Steven R; Mark, G