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2018 AAP Volume 116 July (3).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of proposed countermeasures for dilemma zone at signalized intersections based on cellular automata simulationsWu, Yina; Abdel-Aty, Mohamed; Ding, Yaoxian; Jia, Bin; Shi, Qi; Yan, Xuedong
2016 AAP Volume 91 June (16).pdf.jpg2016Discrepancy analysis of driving performance of taxi drivers and non-professional drivers for red-light running violation and crash avoidance at intersectionsWu, Jiawei; Yan, Xuedong; Radwan, Essam
2016 AAP Volume 96 November (22).pdf.jpg2016Drivers ’ eye movements as a function of collision avoidance warning conditions in red light running scenariosZhang, Yuting; Yan, Xuedong; Li, Xiaomeng; Xue, Qingwan
2016 TRP Volume 40 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Effect of auditory in-vehicle warning information on drivers ’ brake response time to red-light running vehicles during collision avoidanceXiang, Wang; Yan, Xuedong; Weng, Jinxian; Li, Xiaomeng
2018 TRPARTTPB Volume 58 October (26).pdf.jpg2018Effects of hands-free cellular phone conversational cognitive tasks on driving stability based on driving simulation experimentYan, Wei; Xiang, Wang; Wong, S. C.; Yan, Xuedong; Li, Y. C.; Hao, Wei
2018 TRPARTTPB Volume 58 October (33).pdf.jpg2018Exploring the effects of the location of the lane-end sign and traffic volume on multistage lane-changing behaviors in work zone areas: A driving simulator-based studyHang, Junyu; Yan, Xuedong; Ma, Lu; Duan, Ke; Zhang, Yuting
2018 AAP Volume 119 October (15).pdf.jpg2018How does intersection fi eld of view in fl uence driving safety in an emergent situation ?Yan, Xuedong; Zhang, Xinran; Xue, Qingwan
2016 AAP Volume 89 April (1).pdf.jpg2016A hybrid finite mixture model for exploring heterogeneous ordering patterns of driver injury severityMa, Lu; Wang, Guan; Yan, Xuedong; Weng, Jinxian
2016 AAP Volume 92 July (18).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of work zone crash casualty patterns using association rulesWeng, Jinxian; Zhu, Jia-zheng; Yan, Xuedong; Liu, Zhiyuan
2016 AAP Volume 97 December (12).pdf.jpg2016A rear-end collision risk assessment model based on drivers ’ collision avoidance process under influences of cell phone use and gender — A driving simulator based studyLi, Xiaomeng; Yan, Xuedong; Wu, Jiawei; Radwan, Essam; Zhang, Yuting
2018 AAP Volume 118 September (26).pdf.jpg2018Using perceptual cues for brake response to a lead vehicle : Comparing threshold and accumulator models of visual loomingXue, Qingwan; Markkula, Gustav; Yan, Xuedong; Merat, Natasha