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2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 7 July (8).pdf.jpg2015Abrupt Loss of MLH1 and PMS2 Expression in Endometrial Carcinoma Molecular and Morphologic Analysis of 6 CasesPai, Rish K; Plesec, Thomas P; Abdul-karim, Fadi W; Yang, Bin; Marquard, Jessica; Shadrach, Bonnie; Roma, Andres R
2017 JCMS Volume 45 Issue 2 February (5).pdf.jpg2017Characteristics and surgical management of fl ap compromise caused by thrombosis of the internal jugular veinYang, Bin; Qu, Yi; Su, Ming; Li, Jinzhong; Li, Hua; Xing, Rudong; Han, Zhengxue
2016 JACC Volume 68 Issue 24 December (9).pdf.jpg2016Copeptin and NT-proBNP as Prognostic Markers for Recurrent Ischemic Cerebrovascular Events in Ischemic Stroke PatientsZeng, Xianwei; Deng, Aijun; Ding, Yi; Ni, Ying; Xu, Tingting; Liu, Junling; Yang, Bin; Gao, Mingqing; Ma, Guozhao; Ding, Wei; Mu, Lei
2014medicine article a (544).pdf.jpg2014Discovery of Potent KIFC1 Inhibitors Using a Method of Integrated High-Throughput Synthesis and ScreeningYang, Bin; Lamb, Michelle L; Zhang, Tao; Hennessy, Edward J; Grewal, Gurmit; Sha, Li; Zambrowski, Mark; Block, Michael H; Dowling, James E; Su, Nancy; Wu, Jiaquan; Deegan, Tracy; Mikule, Keith; Wang, Wenxian; Kaspera, Ru; Chuaqui, Claudio; Chen, Huawei
2015 JCMS Volume 43 Issue 7 September (25).pdf.jpg2015Mandibular lingual release versus mandibular lip-split approach for expanded resection of middle e late tongue cancer : A case-control studyLi, Hua; Li, Jinzhong; Yang, Bin; Su, Ming; Xing, Rudong; Han, Zhengxue
2017 JSexualMedicine Volume 14 Issue 10 October (11).pdf.jpg2017Prevalence and Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction in Chinese Adult MalesZhang, Xinyu; Yang, Bin; Li, Ni; Li, Hongjun
2015 JCMS Volume 43 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2015Use of submandibular gland fl ap for repairing defects after tumor resection in the infratemporal regionYang, Bin; Su, Ming; Li, Hua; Li, Jinzhong; Ouyang, Jiajie; Han, Zhengxue
2015 AJCP Volume 144 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2015Utility of human papillomavirus capsid protein L1 and p16 in the assessment and accurate classification of anal squamous intraepithelial lesionsPatil, Deepa T.; Yang, Bin