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2018 JSR Volume 224  April  (31).pdf.jpg2018Analysis of factors affecting successful microcoil localization for pulmonary nodulesSui, Xizhao; Zhao, Hui; Yang, Feng; Liu, Ganwei; Hu, Libao; Chen, Chen; Gao, Jian; Wang, Jun
2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 206 September (61).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Occurrence and potential human health risks of semi-volatile organic compounds in drinking water from cities along the Chinese coastland of the Yellow SeaLi, Zekai; Chang, Fangyu; Shi, Peng; Chen, Xun; Yang, Feng; Zhou, Qing
2016 JMC Volume 59 Issue 16 August (25).pdf.jpg2016Developing Anticancer Ferric Prodrugs Based on the N ‑ Donor Residues of Human Serum Albumin Carrier IIA SubdomainQi, Jinxu; Gou, Yi; Zhang, Yao; Yang, Kun; Chen, Shifang; Liu, Li; Wu, Xiaoyang; Wang, Tao; Zhang, Wei; Yang, Feng
2012medicine article c (1371).pdf.jpg2012Dynamic Multibody Protein Interactions Suggest Versatile Pathways for Copper Tra ffi ckingKeller, Aaron M; Ben, Jaime J; Klarin, Derek; Zhong, Linghao; Goldfogel, Matthew; Yang, Feng; Chen, Tai-yen; Chen, Peng
2018 CRFSN Volume 58 Issue 14 November (3).pdf.jpg2018Famine exposure during early life and risk of hypertension in adulthood : A meta-analysisXin, Xueling; Yao, Jie; Yang, Feng; Zhang, Dongfeng
2018 Chemosphere Volume 213 December (37).pdf.jpg2018Genome-wide identification of the interactions between key genes and pathways provide new insights into the toxicity of bisphenol F and S during early development in zebrafishYang, Feng; Qiu, Wenhui; Li, Rongzhen; Hu, Jiaqi; Luo, Shusheng; Zhang, Ting; He, Xin; Zheng, Chunmiao
2014medicine article k (993).pdf.jpg2014Pasireotide for Postoperative Pancreatic FistulaYang, Feng; Jin, Chen; Fu, Deliang
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 21 November (32).pdf.jpg2018Quantitative comparison of human myocardial fiber orientations derived from DTI and polarized light imaging.Yang, Feng; Zhu, Yue-min; Michalowicz, Gabrielle; Jouk, Pierre-simon; Fanton, Laurent
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 13 July (12).pdf.jpg2015Staging of cervical cancer based on tumor heterogeneity characterized by texture features on 18 F-FDG PET imagesMu, Wei; Chen, Zhe; Liang, Ying; Shen, Wei; Yang, Feng; Dai, Ruwei; Wu, Ning; Tian, Jie
2018 Archivespmr Volume 99 Issue 12 December (113).pdf.jpg2018Whole Body Vibration for Everyday Executive Function and Quality of Life in individuals with MSWen, Pey-Shan; Yang, Feng