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2012medicine article ac (585).pdf.jpg2012Attenuation-based estimation of patient size for the purpose of size specific dose estimation in CT . Part I . Development and validation of methods using the CT imageWang, Jia; Duan, Xinhui; Christner, Jodie A; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng
2012medicine article ac (586).pdf.jpg2012Attenuation-based estimation of patient size for the purpose of size specific dose estimation in CT . Part II . Implementation on abdomen and thorax phantoms using cross sectional CT images and scanned projection radiograph imagesWang, Jia; Christner, Jodie A; Duan, Xinhui; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng
2018 WM Volume 76 June (12).pdf.jpg2018Characterization of heavy metals and PCDD / Fs from water-washing pretreatment and a cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste incinerator fly ashYan, Dahai; Peng, Zheng; Yu, Lifeng; Sun, Yangzhao; Yong, Ren; Helge, Kåre
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 6 December (16).pdf.jpg2015Characterization of urinary stone composition by use of third-generation dual-source dual-energy CT with increased spectral separationDuan, Xinhui; Li, Zhoubo; Yu, Lifeng; Leng, Shuai; Halaweish, Ahmed F.; Fletcher, Joel G.; McCollough, Cynthia H.
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 8 August (48).pdf.jpg2017Correlation between a 2D channelized Hotelling observer and human observers in a low contrast detection task with multislice reading in CTYu, Lifeng; Chen, Baiyu; Ko, James M; Favazza, Christopher P; Leng, Shuai; Kupinski, Matthew A; Mccollough, Cynthia H
2014medicine article ad (167).pdf.jpg2014Correlation between human and model observer performance for discrimination task in CT.Zhang, Yi; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng; Carter, Rickey E; McCollough, Cynthia H
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 21 November (15).pdf.jpg2015A cross-platform survey of CT image quality and dose from routine abdomen protocols and a method to systematically standardize image qualityFavazza, Christopher P; Duan, Xinhui; Zhang, Yi; Yu, Lifeng; Leng, Shuai; Kofler, James M; Bruesewitz, Michael R; McCollough, Cynthia H
2011medicine article o (105).pdf.jpg2011CT scanner x-ray spectrum estimation from transmission measurementsDuan, Xinhui; Wang, Jia; Yu, Lifeng; Leng, Shuai; Mccollough, Cynthia H
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 10 October (38).pdf.jpg2015The influence of focal spot blooming on high-contrast spatial resolution in CT imaging.Grimes, Joshua; Duan, Xinhui; Yu, Lifeng; Halaweish, Ahmed F; Haag, Nicole; Leng, Shuai; McCollough, Cynthia
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 12 December (19).pdf.jpg2015Lesion insertion in the projection domain: Methods and initial resultsChen, Baiyu; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng; Yu, Zhicong; Ma, Chi; McCollough, Cynthia
2017 MPHY Volume 44 Issue 10 October (38).pdf.jpg2017Low-dose CT for the detection and classi fi cation of metastatic liver lesions : Results of the 2016 Low Dose CT Grand ChallengeMccollough, Cynthia H; Bartley, Adam C; Carter, Rickey E; Chen, Baiyu; Drees, Tammy A; Edwards, Phillip; Iii, David R Holmes; Leng, Shuai; Mcmillan, Kyle L; Michalak, Gregory J; Nunez, Kristina M; Yu, Lifeng; Fletcher, Joel G
2012medicine article ab (295).pdf.jpg2012Lowering kilovoltage to reduce radiation dose in contrast-enhanced abdominal CT: Initial assessment of a prototype automated kilovoltage selection toolHough, David M.; Fletcher, Joel G.; Grant, Katharine L.; Fidler, Jeff L.; Yu, Lifeng; Geske, Jennifer R.; Carter, Rickey E.; Raupach, Rainer; Schmidt, Bernhard; Flohr, Thomas; McCollough, Cynthia H.
2011medicine article o (696).pdf.jpg2011Medical PhysicsHendee, William; Bernstein, Matthew A; Levine, Deborah; Deputy, Senior; Samei, Ehsan; Seibert, J Anthony; Carlson, David J; Yenice, Kamil M; Orton, Colin G; Fledelius, Walther; Worm, Esben; Grau, Cai; Poulsen, R; Liu, Han; Wu, Qiuwen; Yu, Lifeng; Christner, Jodie A; Leng,
2011medicine article o (479).pdf.jpg2011Noise reduction in spectral CT : Reducing dose and breaking the trade-off between image noise and energy bin selectionLeng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng; Wang, Jia; Fletcher, Joel G; Mistretta, Charles A; Mccollough, Cynthia H
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 6 June (27).pdf.jpg2015Overview and a Word of ThanksDong, Lei; Ford, Eric; Siewerdsen, Jeffrey H.; Yu, Lifeng; Pan, Tinsu
2011medicine article s (450).pdf.jpg2011Quantification of iron in the presence of calcium with dual-energy computed tomography ( DECT ) in an ex vivo porcine plaque modelWang, Jia; Garg, Nitin; Duan, Xinhui; Liu, Yu; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng; Ritman, Erik L; Kantor, Birgit; Mccollough, Cynthia H
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 2 August (2).pdf.jpg2015Radiation dose reduction in dual-energy CT: Does it affect the accuracy of urinary stone characterization?Qu, Mingliang; Yu, Lifeng; Cardona, Daniel Gomez; Liu, Yu; Duan, Xinhui; Ai, Songtao; Leng, Shuai; Shiung, Maria; McCollough, Cynthia H.
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 5 November (18).pdf.jpg2015Radiation dose reduction in pediatric body CT using iterative reconstruction and a novel image-based denoising methodYu, Lifeng; Fletcher, Joel G.; Shiung, Maria; Thomas, Kristen B.; Matsumoto, Jane M.; Zingula, Shannon N.; McCollough, Cynthia H.
2011medicine article o (593).pdf.jpg2011Radiation dose reduction to the breast in thoracic CT : Comparison of bismuth shielding , organ-based tube current modulation , and use of a globally decreased tube currentWang, Jia; Duan, Xinhui; Christner, Jodie A; Leng, Shuai; Yu, Lifeng; Mccollough, Cynthia H
2016 MP Volume 43 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2016A robust noise reduction technique for time resolved CT A robust noise reduction technique for time resolved CTLi, Zhoubo; Yu, Lifeng; Leng, Shuai; Williamson, Eric E; Kotsenas, Amy L; Delone, David R; Mccollough, Cynthia H; Li, Zhoubo