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2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 4 April (39).pdf.jpg2016The Chinese Cardiac Surgery Registry : Design and Data AuditRao, Chenfei; Zhang, Heng; Gao, Huawei; Zhao, Yan; Yuan, Xin; Hua, Kun; Hu, Shengshou; Zheng, Zhe; Cardiac, Chinese; Registry, Surgery; Group, Collaborative
2012medicine article f (51).pdf.jpg2012Microalgae Growth Using High-Strength Wastewater Followed by Anaerobic Co-DigestionYuan, Xin; Wang, Meng; Park, Chul; Sahu, Ashish K; Ergas, Sarina J
2014medicine article m (452).pdf.jpg2014National trend in congenital heart disease mortality in China during 2003 to 2010: A population-based study.Hu, Zhan; Yuan, Xin; Rao, Keqin; Zheng, Zhe; Hu, Shengshou
2012medicine article y (191).pdf.jpg2012Preoperative high-sensitivity C-reactive protein predicts depression in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery: A single-center prospective observational studyYang, Limeng; Wang, Jianyang; Zhang, Lu; Hou, Jianfeng; Yuan, Xin; Hu, Shengshou; Zheng, Zhe
2018 EJCTS Volume 53 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2018Recipient treatment with acetylcholinesterase inhibitor donepezil attenuates primary graft failure in rats through inhibiting post-transplantational donor heart ischaemia / reperfusion injuryYuan, Xin; Teng, Xiao; Wang, Yin; Yao, Yuntai
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 3 September (69).pdf.jpg2015Reflections inspired by the debate on conventional and off-pump coronary artery bypass graftHu, Shengshou; Yuan, Xin
2016 CIRC Volume 133 Issue 6 February (21).pdf.jpg2016Response to Letters Regarding Article, “Efficacy of Long-Term β -Blocker Therapy for Secondary Prevention of Long-Term Outcomes After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery”Kardesoglu, As; Yuan, Xin; Zhang, Haibo; Chen, Sipeng; Zhao, Yan; Hua, Kun; Rao, Chenfei; Wang, Wei; Sun, Hansong
2012medicine article y (143).pdf.jpg2012Risk factors and in-hospital mortality in Chinese patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting : Analysis of a large multi-institutional Chinese databaseZheng, Zhe; Zhang, Lu; Hu, Shengshou; Li, Xi; Yuan, Xin
2018 ATS Volume 106 Issue 6 December (23).pdf.jpg2018Surgical Outcome in Adolescents and Adults with Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from Pulmonary Artery.Yuan, Xin; Li, Bin; Sun, Hansong; Yang, Yan; Meng, Hong; Xu, Liang; Song, Yunhu; Xu, Jianping