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2019 FoodandFunction Volume 10 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2019AMPK activation is involved in hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities of mogroside-rich extract from: Siraitia grosvenorii (Swingle) fruits on high-fat diet/streptozotocin-induced diabetic miceLiu, Hesheng; Qi, Xiangyang; Yu, Keke; Lu, Anjie; Lin, Kaifeng; Zhu, Jiajing; Zhang, Min; Sun, Zhida
2018 JCRS Volume 44 Issue 12 December (7).pdf.jpg2018Analysis of corneal higher-order aberrations in cataract patients with high myopiaZhang, Min; Jing, Qinghe; Chen, Jiahui; Jiang, Yongxiang
2011medicine article c (1197).pdf.jpg2011Base-Controlled Selective Conversion of Michael Adducts of Malonates with Enones in the Presence of IodineMiao, Chun-bao; Zhang, Min; Tian, Zong-yong; Xi, Hai-tao; Sun, Xiao-qiang; Yang, Hai-tao
2015 JACC1 Volume 66 Issue 3 July (2).pdf.jpg2015Contractile Function During Angiotensin-II ActivationZhang, Min; Prosser, Benjamin L.; Bamboye, Moradeke a.; Gondim, Antonio N.S.; Santos, Celio X.; Martin, Daniel; Ghigo, Alessandra; Perino, Alessia; Brewer, Alison C.; Ward, Christopher W.; Hirsch, Emilio; Lederer, W. Jonathan; Shah, Ajay M.
2012medicine article bf (202).pdf.jpg2012Convenient MCRs Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated Pyrano [ 4 , 3- b ] pyrans and Their Further TransformationWang, Wei; Li, Jia; Zhang, Li; Song, Liping; Zhang, Min; Cao, Weiguo; Deng, Hongmei
2018 ATS Volume 106 Issue 1 July (20).pdf.jpg2018Development of a Risk Prediction Model and Clinical Risk Score for Isolated Tricuspid Valve SurgeryLapar, Damien J; Likosky, Donald S; Zhang, Min; Theurer, Patty; Fonner, C Edwin; Kern, John A; Bolling, Steven F; Drake, Daniel H; Speir, Alan M; Rich, Jeffrey B; Kron, Irving L
2015 JMC Volume 58 Issue 11 June (11).pdf.jpg2015Discovery of Selective Small-Molecule Inhibitors for the ??-Catenin/T-Cell Factor Protein-Protein Interaction through the Optimization of the Acyl Hydrazone MoietyCatrow, J. Leon; Zhang, Yongqiang; Zhang, Min; Ji, Haitao
2011medicine article d (1480).pdf.jpg2011Effect of Sensitizer Adsorption Temperature on the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsDecoppet, Jean-david; Zhang, Min; Zakeeruddin, Shaik Mohammed; Comte, Pascal; Nazeeruddin, Mohammad; Wang, Peng; Gr, Michael
2012medicine article b (95).pdf.jpg2012Evolution of Structure and Reactivity in a Series of Iconic CarbenesZhang, Min; Moss, Robert A; Thompson, Jack; Krogh-jespersen, Karsten
2018 JVE Volume 137 July (11).pdf.jpg2018Generation of Size-controlled Poly ( ethylene Glycol ) Diacrylate Droplets via Semi-3-Dimensional Flow Focusing Microfluidic DevicesWu, Yan; Qian, Xiang; Mi, Shengli; Zhang, Min; Sun, Shuqing; Wang, Xiaohao
2018 WaterResearch Volume 146 December (17).pdf.jpg2018Interactions between polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and TiO2 nanoparticle in artificial and natural watersWang, Xinzhe; Adeleye, Adeyemi S.; Wang, Huihui; Zhang, Min; Liu, Mengmeng; Wang, Yingying; Li, Yao; Keller, Arturo a.
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 5 May (22).pdf.jpg2018Linkage of Medicare Records to the Interagency Registry of Mechanically Assisted Circulatory SupportLiang, Qixing; Ward, Sarah; Pagani, Francis D; Sinha, Shashank S; Zhang, Min; Kormos, Robert; Aaronson, Keith D; Althouse, Andrew D; Kirklin, James K; Naftel, David; Likosky, Donald S
2018 CRFSN Volume 58 Issue 6 March  (7).pdf.jpg2018Micronization and nanosizing of particles for an enhanced quality of food: A reviewChen, Tong; Zhang, Min; Bhandari, Bhesh; Yang, Zaixing
9783642295423.pdf.jpg2012Nano-Bio probe design and its application for biochemical analysisYe, Bang-Ce ; Zhang, Min; biochemical engineer ; Yin, Bin-Cheng
2019 JournalofMedicalChemistry Volume 62 Issue 7 April (26).pdf.jpg2019Optimization of Peptidomimetics as Selective Inhibitors for the β-Catenin/T-Cell Factor Protein–Protein InteractionWang, Zhen; Zhang, Min; Wang, Jin; Ji, Haitao
2017 Aanalgesia Volume 125 Issue 3 September (38).pdf.jpg2017Organizational Contributors to the Variation in Red Blood Cell Transfusion Practices in Cardiac Surgery : Survey Results From the State of MichiganCamaj, Anton; Zahuranec, Darin B; Paone, Gaetano; Benedetti, Barbara R; Behr, Warren D; Zimmerman, Marc A; Zhang, Min; Kramer, Robert S; Penn, Jason; Theurer, Patricia F; Paugh, Theron A; Engoren, Milo; Iii, Alphonse Delucia; Prager, Richard L; Likosky, Donald S
2016 ATS Volume 102 Issue 4 Octomber (26).pdf.jpg2016A Preoperative Risk Model for Artery Bypass GraftingStrobel, Raymond J; Liang, Qixing; Zhang, Min; Wu, Xiaoting; Rogers, Mary A M; Theurer, Patricia F; Fishstrom, Astrid B; Harrington, Steven D; Delucia, Alphonse; Paone, Gaetano; Patel, Himanshu J; Prager, Richard L
2012medicine article av (5).pdf.jpg2012Promoting effects of thymosin ␤ 4 on granulation tissue and new bone formation after tooth extraction in ratsMatsuo, Kou; Akasaki, Yosuke; Adachi, Kazutaka; Zhang, Min; Ishikawa, Ayataka; Jimi, Eijiro; Nishihara, Tatsuji
2016 JCS Volume 11 (3).pdf.jpg2016Pulmonary interstitial cholesterol crystals associated with diffuse lung cysts in adult : a case report and literature reviewZhang, Min; Tie, Hong-tao; Wang, Cheng-long; Wu, Qing-chen
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 2 February (28).pdf.jpg2018Rates After Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingBrescia, Alexander A; Rankin, J Scott; Cyr, Derek D; Jacobs, Jeffrey P; Prager, Richard L; Zhang, Min; Matsouaka, Roland A; Harrington, Steven D; Dokholyan, Rachel S; Bolling, Steven F; Fishstrom, Astrid; Pasquali, Sara K; Shahian, David M