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2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 1 January (41).pdf.jpg2018Accelerating volumetric cine MRI ( VC-MRI ) using undersampling for real-time 3D target feasibility study Accelerating volumetric cine MRI ( VC-MRI ) using undersampling for real-time 3D target localization / tracking in radiation therapy : a feasibilityHarris, Wendy; Yin, Fang-fang; Wang, Chunhao; Zhang, You; Cai, Jing; Ren, Lei
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 18 September (15).pdf.jpg2015Atlas-guided prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy ( IMRT ) planningSheng, Yang; Li, Taoran; Zhang, You; Lee, W Robert; Yin, Fang-fang; Ge, Yaorong; Wu, Q Jackie
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 4 February (3).pdf.jpg2018A biomechanical modeling guided simultaneous motion estimation and image reconstruction technique (SMEIR-Bio) for 4D-CBCT reconstructionHuang, Xiaokun; Zhang, You; Wang, Jing
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 11 June (13).pdf.jpg2018dose reduction and scatter correction 4D cone-beam computed tomography ( CBCT ) using a moving blocker for simultaneous radiation dose reduction and scatter correctionZhao, Cong; Zhong, Yuncheng; Duan, Xinhui; Zhang, You; Huang, Xiaokun; Wang, Jing; Jin, Mingwu
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 8 August (25).pdf.jpg2015Dosimetric verification of lung cancer treatment using the CBCTs estimated from limited-angle on-board projectionsZhang, You; Yin, Fang-Fang; Ren, Lei
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 3 March (18).pdf.jpg2017Estimating 4D CBCT from prior information and extremely limited angle projections using structural PCA and weighted free form deformation for lung radiotherapyHarris, Wendy; Zhang, You; Yin, Fang Fang; Ren, Lei
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 6 June (57).pdf.jpg2017A new CT reconstruction technique using adaptive deformation recovery and intensity correction ( ADRIC )Zhang, You; Iyengar, Puneeth; Zhong, Yuncheng; Wang, Jing
2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 9 May (30).pdf.jpg2017Reducing scan angle using adaptive prior knowledge for a limited angle intrafraction verification (LIVE) system for conformal arc radiotherapyZhang, Yawei; Yin, Fang-Fang; Zhang, You; Ren, Lei
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 2 June (13).pdf.jpg2016A Technique for Generating Volumetric Cine-Magnetic Resonance ImagingHarris, Wendy; Ren, Lei; Cai, Jing; Zhang, You