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2011medicine article o (541).pdf.jpg2011Backscatter correction factor for megavoltage photon beamHu, Yida; Zhu, Timothy C
2012medicine article bp (296).pdf.jpg2012Determination of optical properties in heterogeneous turbid media using a cylindrical diffusing fiberDimofte, Andreea; Finlay, Jarod C; Liang, Xing; Zhu, Timothy C
2013medicine article af (208).pdf.jpg2013Feasibility of interstitial diffuse optical tomography using cylindrical diffusing fibers for prostate PDTLiang, Xing; Wang, Ken Kang-hsin; Zhu, Timothy C
2018 Medical physics Volume 45 Issue 6 June (32).pdf.jpg2018Fluorescence-guided surgery and intervention — An AAPM emerging technology blue paperPogue, Brian W; Zhu, Timothy C; Paulsen, Keith D; Wilson, Brian C; Pfefer, Joshua; Chen, Yu
2018 Medical physics Volume 45 Issue 5 May (3).pdf.jpg2018Image guidance doses delivered during radiotherapy : Quanti fi cation , management , and reduction : Report of the AAPM Therapy Physics Committee Task Group 180Ding, George X; Gossman, Michael; Mackie, T Rock; Morin, Richard; Xu, X George; Zhu, Timothy C
2011medicine article o (120).pdf.jpg2011POINT / COUNTERPOINT PDT is better than alternative therapies such as brachytherapy , electron beams , or low-energy x rays for the treatment of skin cancersZhu, Timothy C
2013medicine article af (62).pdf.jpg2013Should image rotation be addressed during routine cone-beam CT quality assurance?Ayan, Ahmet S; Lin, Haibo; Yeager, Caitlyn; Deville, Curtiland; McDonough, James; Zhu, Timothy C; Anderson, Nathan; Ad, Voichita Bar; Lu, Hsiao-Ming; Both, Stefan
2011medicine article o (54).pdf.jpg2011Verification of monitor unit calculations for non-IMRT clinical radiotherapy : Report of AAPM Task Group 114Stern, Robin L; Heaton, Robert; Fraser, Martin W; Kirby, Thomas H; Molineu, Andrea; Zhu, Timothy C