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2018 APMR Volume 99 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2018Longitudinal Recovery and Reduced Costs After 120 Sessions of Locomotor Training for Motor Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuryMorrison, Sarah a.; Lorenz, Douglas; Eskay, Carol P.; Forrest, Gail F.; Basso, D. Michele
2017 Cancer Volume 123 Issue 21 November (14).pdf.jpg2017Longitudinal Regret After Treatment for Low- and Intermediate-Risk Prostate CancerHurwitz, Lauren M; Cullen, Jennifer; Kim, Daniel J; Elsamanoudi, Sally
2012medicine article bg (31).pdf.jpg2012The Longitudinal Relationship between Fatigue and Sleep in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing ChemotherapyLiu, Lianqi; Rissling, Michelle; Natarajan, Loki; Fiorentino, Lavinia; Mills, Paul J; Dimsdale, Joel E; Robins, Georgia
-Longitudinal Relationship between Personal CO and Personal \(PM_{2.5}\) among Women Cooking with Woodfired Cookstoves in Guatemala-
2018 AJoO Volume 196 December (32).pdf.jpg2018Longitudinal Relationship Between Retinal Diabetic Neurodegeneration and Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients With Type 2 DiabetesKim, Kiyoung; Kim, Eung S U K; Yu, Seung-young
2016 NEUR Volume 86 Issue 16 April (8).pdf.jpg2016Longitudinal relationships among biomarkers for Alzheimer disease in the Adult Children StudyXiong, Chengjie; Fagan, Anne M; Benzinger, Tammie L S; Head, Denise; Hassenstab, Jason; Grant, Elizabeth; Sutphen, Courtney L; Buckles, Virginia; Moulder, Krista L; Morris, John C
2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 84 Issue 20 May (10).pdf.jpg2015Longitudinal relationships among posturography and gait measures in multiple sclerosisFritz, Nora E.; Newsome, Scott D.; Eloyan, Ani; Marasigan, Rhul Evans R; Calabresi, Peter A.; Zackowski, Kathleen M.
2012medicine article az (13).pdf.jpg2012Longitudinal relationships between workplace bullying and psychological distressMatthiesen, Stig Berge
9783642117596.pdf.jpg2010Longitudinal research with latent variablesMontfort, Kees van
2018 AAP Volume 117 August (32).pdf.jpg2018Longitudinal safety evaluation of connected vehicles' platooning on expresswaysRahman, Md Sharikur; Abdel-Aty, Mohamed
2018 AAP Volume 111 February (32).pdf.jpg2018Longitudinal safety evaluation of electric vehicles with the partial wireless charging lane on freewaysLi, Ye; Wang, Wei; Xing, Lu; Fan, Qi; Wang, Hao
2017 LARYN Volume 127 Issue 11 November (13).pdf.jpg2017A Longitudinal Simulation-Based Ethical – Legal Curriculum for Otolaryngology ResidentsFanous, Amanda; Rappaport, Jamie; Frcs, C; Young, Meredith; Park, Yoon Soo; Manoukian, John; Frcs, C; Nguyen, Lily H P; Frcs, C
2015 AJP Volume 172 Issue July (4).pdf.jpg2015Longitudinal Stability of Genetic and Environmental In fl uences on Irritability : From Childhood to Young AdulthoodRoberson-nay, Roxann; Leibenluft, Ellen; Brotman, Melissa A; Myers, John; Larsson, Henrik
2018 HEJ Volume 77 Issue 1 February (2).pdf.jpg2018Longitudinal state-level effects on change in body mass index among middle-aged and older adults in the USAChen, Cheng-chia; Seo, Dong-chul
2012medicine article bd (229).pdf.jpg2012Longitudinal stent compression demonstrated by angiographic "wedding band" and 3-dimensional optical coherence tomographyFoerst, J; Foin, N; Hettleman, B
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 2 April (138).pdf.jpg2016Longitudinal Stent Elongation from 'LAD' to 'LMCA' During Retraction of Entrapped Jailed Guidewire from Diagonal Side BranchMandal, Praskas Chandra
2012medicine article bc (349).pdf.jpg2012Longitudinal Strain Imaging in Light-Chain Cardiac Amyloidosis the Approach to Treatment ?*Quarta, C Cristina; Falk, Rodney H
2016 JRVD Volume 36 Issue 12 December (12).pdf.jpg2016Longitudinal Structural Changes in Late-Onset Retinal DegenerationAyyagari, Radha; Cunningham, Denise; Sieving, Paul a
2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 12 December (16).pdf.jpg2016A Longitudinal Study of Adjustment Disorder After Trauma ExposureDonnell, Meaghan L O; Alkemade, Nathan; Creamer, Mark; Mcfarlane, Alexander C
2016 OJAAO Volume 123 Issue 2 February (37).pdf.jpg2016Longitudinal Study of Age-Related Cataract Using Dynamic Light Scattering Loss of a -Crystallin Leads to Nuclear Cataract DevelopmentIii, Manuel B Datiles; Ansari, Rafat R; Yoshida, Junko; Brown, Holly; Zambrano, Andrea I; Tian, Jing; Vitale, Susan; Zigler, J Samuel; Iii, Frederick L Ferris; West, Sheila K; Stark, Walter J