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2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (27).pdf.jpg2016010 A Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Three Period, Three-Way Crossover Study on the Hemodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Bremelanotide and EthanolLucas, J; Derogatis, L R; Jordan, R
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (12).pdf.jpg2017010 Urethral Stricture Outcomes after AUS Cuff Erosion: Results from a Multicenter Retrospective AnalysisGross, M S; Broghammer, J; Kaufman, M; Milam, D; Cleves, M; Mcclung, C; Brady, J; Jones, L; Gross, M; Henry, G; Brant, W
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (29).pdf.jpg2016012 Potential Sexual Changes Resulting from LEEPRollston, R; Dell, A; Komisaruk, B R; Goldstein, S W; Goldstein, I
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (30).pdf.jpg2016013 Effect of Intravaginal Prasterone on Sexual Dysfunction in Postmenopausal Women with Vulvovaginal AtrophyLabrie, F; Derogatis, L; Archer, D F; Martel, C
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (31).pdf.jpg2016014 A Phase 2 Program on Female Sexual Arousal Disorder and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Patient Characteristics and Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Sexual DysfunctionAlthof, S; Kingsberg, S; Symons, J; Portman, D
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (32).pdf.jpg2016015 Evaluation of Clinical Meaningfulness in the Flibanserin HSDD Clinical Development ProgramSimon, J; Brown, L; Yuan, J; Spigelman, S
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (21).pdf.jpg2018015 Sexual Self-schemas and Identification of Nonconsensual Sexual Experiences: Implications for Sexual FunctioningKilimnik, C D; Boyd, R L; Stanton, A M; Meston, C M
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (33).pdf.jpg2016016 Vulvoscopic Findings, Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures, and Hormonal Blood Test Values in Menopausal Women with Female Sexual Dysfunction Pre- and Post-Hormonal Treatment: A Retrospective Single Center StudySilva, S; Espenschied, C; Gagnon, C; Minton, J; Goldstein, I
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (22).pdf.jpg2018016 Women's Experiences of Sexual Arousal: The Importance of ContextHandy, A; Stanton, A; Meston, C
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (23).pdf.jpg2018017 Interpersonal Violence, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Aging-Related Genitourinary Dysfunction in an Ethnically-Diverse, Community-Based Sample of WomenHuang, A; Gibson, C; Mccaw, B; Shan, J; Subak, L; Thom, D; Eeden, S Van Den
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (13).pdf.jpg2017017 Safety of Testosterone Therapy in Patients on Active Surveillance for Prostate CancerJenkins, L; Krishnan, R; Berookhim, B; Coleman, J; Eastham, J; Ehdaie, B; Laudone, V; Nelson, C; Mulhall, J
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (14).pdf.jpg2017018 A Prospective Examination of Erectile Function Preservation After Radiation TherapyJenkins, L; Zelefsky, M; Nelson, C; Kollmeier, M; Mulhall, J
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (2).pdf.jpg2018018 Development of a Multi-functional Sensor based on Optical Fibers for Measurement of Female Genital Sexual Arousal ResponseJeong, H; Seong, M; Lee, H S; Moon, S; Park, K; Kim, J G
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (35).pdf.jpg2016018 Rejoice Trial: Evaluation of an Applicator-free Vaginal Estradiol Softgel Capsule for the Treatment of Postmenopausal Dyspareunia Associated with Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA)Constantine, G; Bernick, B; Kushner, H; Mirkin, S
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (24).pdf.jpg2018019 Evaluation of Patient-report Outcomes (PROs), Medical and Patient Characteristics of Colorectal/Anal Cancer Patients/SurvivorsCanty, J; Milli, L; Seidel, S; Stabile, C; Goldfrank, D; Carter, J
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (36).pdf.jpg2016019 Sex Steroid Hormones Regulation of Relaxation and Contractile Mechanisms in Clitoris: An Experimental Model in the RatFilippi, S; Cellai, I; Corno, C; Corcetto, F; Comeglio, P; Maseroli, E; Rastrelli, G; Maggi, M; Vignozzi, L
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (37).pdf.jpg2016020 Mechanism of Action and Preliminary Clinical Experience with Zolpidem, a Non-Benzodiazepine Indirect GABA A Receptor Agonist, for Symptomatic Treatment of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)King, S A; Goldstein, I; Pfaus, J
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (25).pdf.jpg2018020 Sexual Distress and Vaginal Symptom Severity in Women Diagnosed with Cancer: Impact of a Vaginal Health WorkshopMillman, R; Sears, C; Jacox, N; Booker, R; Beck, A; Robinson, J; Walker, L
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (2).pdf.jpg2017021 Cessation of Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitor Use in Men with Erectile Dysfunction Following Testosterone TherapyLin, J S; Pastuszak, A W; Ohlander, S J; Hakky, T S; Lamb, D J; Lipshultz, L I
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (38).pdf.jpg2016021 Correlation of Physiologic Markers of Vulvovaginal Atrophy and Symptom Severity in Postmenopausal Women with Genitourinary Syndrome of MenopauseKrychman, M; Symons, J; Portman, D