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2017 AJPMRehabilitation Volume 96 Issue 9 September (11).pdf.jpg2017The State of Disability Awareness in American Medical SchoolsSeidel, Erica; Crowe, Scott
-State of emergency medicine in Colombia-
2013medicine article ab (443).pdf.jpg2013The State of Engagement in HIV Care in the United States : From Cascade to Continuum to ControlMugavero, Michael J; Amico, K Rivet; Horn, Tim; Thompson, Melanie A
2018 Midwifery Volume 64 September (14).pdf.jpg2018State of midwifery research in FranceGoyet, Sophie; Sauvegrain, Priscille; Schantz, Clémence; Morin, Christine
2014medicine article x (956).pdf.jpg2014The State of Norovirus VaccinesDebbink, Kari; Lindesmith, Lisa C; Baric, Ralph S
2017 Eye Volume 31 Issue 4 April (20).pdf.jpg2017The state of ocular health among London’s homeless populationSawers, N
2014medicine article o (488).pdf.jpg2014The state of ophthalmology medical student education in the United States and Canada, 2012 through 2013Shah, Manjool; Knoch, Daniel; Waxman, Evan
2015 HNS Volume 152 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2015State of otolaryngology match: has competition increased since the "early" match?Cabrera-Muffly, Cristina; Sheeder, Jeanelle; Abaza, Mona
2018 BJSM Volume 52 Issue 14 July (6).pdf.jpg2018State of primary care sports and exercise medicine in BrazilHardt, Felipe
2018 AJP Volume 175 Issue 8 August (4).pdf.jpg2018State of Psychiatry in AmericaLevin, Saul
2017 JPN Volume 33 Issue 6 December (12).pdf.jpg2017State of Research on Simulation in Nursing Education ProgramsFey, Mary K.; Kardong-Edgren, Suzan "Susie"
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 17 September (18).pdf.jpg2016State of Structural and Congenital Heart Disease Interventional Training in United States and CanadaMbbs, Bharath Rajagopalan; Buber, Jonathan; Yadav, Pradeep K; Cullen, Michael W
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 12 June (6).pdf.jpg2018The State of Survivorship Care in Radiation Oncology : Results From a Nationally Distributed SurveyFrick, Melissa A; Rosenthal, Seth A; Vapiwala, Neha
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 2 July (22).pdf.jpg2016State of TelehealthArticle, Review
2018 JAMA Volume 320 Issue 20 November (24).pdf.jpg2018State of TelehealthDorsey, E. Ray; Topol, Eric J.
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 14 October (5).pdf.jpg2016State of Telehealth Explosion Injuries from E-CigarettesMarshall, John C
2017 JACCCI Volume 10 Issue 23 December (2).pdf.jpg2017The State of the Absorb Bioresorbable ScaffoldBertolet, Barry D; Shah, Atman P; Torguson, Rebecca; Avula, Surendra B; Wang, John C; Gigliotti, Osvaldo S; Murphy, Bruce E; Ellis, Stephen G; Waksman, Ron
2016 CIRC Volume 134 Issue 23 December (11).pdf.jpg2016STATE OF THE ARTGibson, Charles Michael
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 1 April (4).pdf.jpg2017State of the art how I manage immune thrombocytopeniaCooper, Nichola
2016 EJCTS Volume 49 Issue 6 June (3).pdf.jpg2016State of the art : diagnostic tools and innovative therapies for treatment of advanced thymoma and thymic carcinomaRied, Michael; Marx, Alexander; Götz, Andrea; Hamer, Okka; Schalke, Berthold; Hofmann, Hans-stefan