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2018The 0.035-Inch Wire Externalization Technique for Overcoming a Severely Angled and Calci fi ed Aortic BifurcationIntervention, Images I N
2018 CIRCULATION 137 Issue 5 January (4).pdf.jpg20180/1-Hour Triage Algorithm for Myocardial Infarction in Patients With Renal Dysfunction-
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (9).pdf.jpg2017001 Successful Integration of an Advanced Practice Practitioner (APP) into a Sexual and Reproductive Medicine PracticeNarus, J; Mulhall, J; Jenkins, L
2012medicine article bb (40).pdf.jpg20120031-9333 / 12 Copyright © 2012 the American Physiological Society-
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (21).pdf.jpg2016004 Hymen Protection among Female University Students from Lebanon: Temporary or Chronic Sexual SchizophreniaKak, F El; Yasmine, R; Salibi, N El; Ghandour, L
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (10).pdf.jpg2017004 Safety and Effectiveness of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH Xiapex&reg;) in the Treatment of Peyronie's Disease Using a New Modified ProtocolRaheem, A Abdel; Ralph, D
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (11).pdf.jpg2018004 Safety and Efficacy of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Vagina-3 Months ResultsSekiguchi, Y; Nakamura, R; Ninomiya, N
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (12).pdf.jpg2018005 Neuromodulation for Female Sexual Dysfunction: Preliminary Pilot Clinical Trial and Patient Interest SurveyZimmerman, L; Dreffs, K; Honey, N; Teitelbaum, A; Gupta, P; Berger, M; Bruns, T
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (22).pdf.jpg2016005 Sexual Dysfunction among Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Role of Negative Appraisal of Genital Sexual Arousal and Sexual ShamePulverman, C; Meston, C
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (13).pdf.jpg2018006 Bremelanotide for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Integrated Subgroup Analysis According to FSFI Total Score at ScreeningClayton, A; Kingsberg, S; Derogatis, L; Simon, J; Jordan, R; Lucas, J
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (23).pdf.jpg2016006 Predictors of Vaginal Sex during Vaginal Pain among Adolescent WomenHensel, D J; Fortenberry, J D
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (24).pdf.jpg2016007 Medical Student Attitudes, Knowledge, and Comfort Level Related to Patients' Sexual HealthIvanova, D K; Jones, E A; Clayton, A H
2018 JSM Supplement 2 June (1).pdf.jpg2018008 Investigating Peripheral Nerve Stimulation as a Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction using a Preclinical ModelZimmerman, L; Rice, I; Dreffs, K; Berger, M; Bruns, T
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (26).pdf.jpg2016009 An Aggressive Treatment Paradigm for the Treatment of Genito Urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM): A Case Series PresentationKrychman, M L; Dweck, A
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (11).pdf.jpg2017009 The Utilization of a Dedicated Sexual Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Service for Urinary Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Cancer DiagnosisElliott, S; Zarowski, C; Dayan, M; Pollock, P; Spillane, M; Mahovlich, S; Sundar, M; Higano, C; Goldenberg, L
2015 EAU Volume 14 Issue 8 November (10).pdf.jpg201501 Comparison of PNL results in pediatric patients stones before and after age of 10 yearsCelik, H; Camtosun, A; Altintas, R; Tasdemir, C
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (27).pdf.jpg2016010 A Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Three Period, Three-Way Crossover Study on the Hemodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Bremelanotide and EthanolLucas, J; Derogatis, L R; Jordan, R
2017 JSM Volume 14 Supplement 1 February (12).pdf.jpg2017010 Urethral Stricture Outcomes after AUS Cuff Erosion: Results from a Multicenter Retrospective AnalysisGross, M S; Broghammer, J; Kaufman, M; Milam, D; Cleves, M; Mcclung, C; Brady, J; Jones, L; Gross, M; Henry, G; Brant, W
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (29).pdf.jpg2016012 Potential Sexual Changes Resulting from LEEPRollston, R; Dell, A; Komisaruk, B R; Goldstein, S W; Goldstein, I
2016 JSM Volume 13 Supplement 3 June (30).pdf.jpg2016013 Effect of Intravaginal Prasterone on Sexual Dysfunction in Postmenopausal Women with Vulvovaginal AtrophyLabrie, F; Derogatis, L; Archer, D F; Martel, C