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2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 12 December (18).pdf.jpg2016D -Cycloserine , an NMDA Glutamate Receptor Glycine Site Partial Agonist , Induces Acute Increases in Brain Glutamate Plus Glutamine and GABA Comparable to Ketamine Pregabalin in Tourette ’ s Syndrome :Kantrowitz, Joshua T; Milak, Matthew S; Mao, Xiangling; Shungu, Dikoma C; Mann, J John
2011medicine article c (896).pdf.jpg2011D -mannopyranosyl UronatesWalvoort, Marthe T C; Moggr, Gert-jan; Lodder, Gerrit; Overkleeft, Herman S; Cod, Jeroen D C
2012medicine article ag (317).pdf.jpg2012D 1144Neurologie, Service De; Chauliac, De; Support, Solution
2013medicine article w (393).pdf.jpg2013D 1596Hospital, Na Homolce; Republic, Czech
2011medicine article d (2002).pdf.jpg2011D 2 -Symmetric Dirhodium Catalyst Derived from a 1 , 2 , 2-Triarylcyclo- propanecarboxylate Ligand : Design , Synthesis and ApplicationQin, Changming; Boyarskikh, Vyacheslav; Hansen, Jørn H; Hardcastle, Kenneth I; Musaev, Djamaladdin G; Davies, Huw M L
2012medicine article bf (104).pdf.jpg2012D 3 -Trishomocubane-4-carboxylic Acid as a New Chiral Building Block : Synthesis and Absolute ConfigurationAlexandr, D; Gaidai, V; Volochnyuk, Dmitriy M; Shishkin, Oleg V; Fokin, Andrey A; Levandovskiy, Igor A
2016 NEUR Volume 86 Issue 3 January (12).pdf.jpg2016D 3 dopamine receptor-preferring [ 11 C ] PHNO PET imaging in Parkinson patients with dyskinesiaPayer, Doris E; Guttman, Mark; Kish, Stephen J; Adams, John R; Wilson, Alan A; Boileau, Isabelle
2016 JN Volume 12 Issue 4 October (27).pdf.jpg2016D 888 1964,Sato, Atsushi
2011medicine article d (990).pdf.jpg2011d À f Heterobimetallic Association between Ytterbium and Ruthenium Carbon-Rich Complexes: Redox Commutation of Near-IR LuminescencePiazza, Emmanuel Di; Norel, Lucie; Costuas, Karine; Bourdolle, Adrien; Maury, Olivier
2016 DCNA Volume 60 Issue 4 October (1).pdf.jpg2016A d d re s s i n g H e a l t h D i s p a r i t i e s vi a C o o rd i n a t i o n o f C a re a n d I n t e r p ro f e s s i o n a l Ed u c a t i o nHealth, Transgender; Russell, Stefanie
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 1 January (31).pdf.jpg2017D dimer as a predictor of early neurologic deterioration in cryptogenic stroke with active cancerNam, K; Kim, C K; Kim, T J; An, S J; Demchuk, A M; Kim, Y; Jung, S; Han, M; Ko, S
2015 NCNA Volume 26 Issue 4 December (10).pdf.jpg2015D e f i n i t i o n s an d A n a t o m i c Considerations in Chiari I Malformation and Associated Syringomyelia Anatomy Hindbrain hernia Tonsillar ectopia Neurosurgery Syrinx Chiari malformationTubbs, R Shane
2016 HOCNA Volume 30 Issue 2 April (13).pdf.jpg2016D e h y d ro g e n a s e D e f i c i e n c yLuzzatto, Lucio; Nannelli, Caterina
2017 DCNAmerica Volume 61 Issue 4 October (8).pdf.jpg2017D e n t a l C e m e n t s fo r L u t i n g and Bonding Restorations Self Adhesive Resin CementsManso, Adriana P; Carvalho, Ricardo M
2017 DCNAmerica Volume 61 Issue 4 October (7).pdf.jpg2017D e n t a l I m p re s s i o n M a t e r i a l s an d Tec h n i q u e sPunj, Amit; Garaicoa, Jorge
2012medicine article e (37).pdf.jpg2012D e n t a l S t e m C e l l s an d T h e i r S o u rc e sSedgley, Christine M; Endo, Mracds
2018 DCNA Volume 62 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2018D e n t a l Tre a t m e n t Pl a n n i n g for the Patient with Oral CancerLevi, Lauren E
2012medicine article e (50).pdf.jpg2012D e r m a t o l o g y o f t h e H e a d an d Neck : Skin Cancer and Benign Skin LesionsHalem, Monica
2016 DCNA Volume 60 Issue 1 January (4).pdf.jpg2016D e v e l o p m e n t a l Di s o rd e r s A ff e c t i n g J a w sAlzamel, Ghada; Odell, Scott
2015 NCNA Volume 26 Issue 2 June (7).pdf.jpg2015D e v e l o p m e n t an d I mplementat ion o f G u i d e l i n e s i n N e u ros u r g e r yFehlings, Michael G; Nater, Anick