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2017 MedicalPhysics Volume 44 Issue 9 September (40).pdf.jpg2017F fl uoromisonidazole uptake in advanced stage non small cell lung cancer : A voxel by voxel PET kinetics studyMcgowan, Daniel R; Macpherson, Ruth E; Hackett, Sara L; Liu, Dan; Gleeson, Fergus V
2013medicine article w (307).pdf.jpg2013F 1176Orleans, New
2017 JN Volume 127 Issue 6 December (14).pdf.jpg2017F 1326Edwards, Nancy J; Jones, Wesley H; Sanzgiri, Aditya; Corona, Juan; Dannenbaum, Mark; Chen, Peng Roc
2012medicine article av (50).pdf.jpg2012F 2 -Isoprostanes in soft oral tissues and degree of oral disability after mandibular third molar surgeryParrini, Stefano; Chisci, Glauco; Leoncini, Silvia; Signorini, Cinzia
2016 CNA Volume 49 Issue 2 April (2).pdf.jpg2016F a c i a l N e r v e a n d P a ro t i d Gland AnatomyKochhar, Amit
2018 OCNENT Volume 51 Issue 4 August (10).pdf.jpg2018F a c i a l P l a s t i c Su r g e r y i n t h e G e r i a t r i c Po p u l a t i o nNewberry, Ian; Cerrati, Eric W; Thomas, J Regan
2017 JPN Volume 33 Issue 1 January-February (7).pdf.jpg2017F ACILITATING THE T RANSITION OF N URSE C LINICIAN TO N URSE S CIENTIST : S IGNIFICANCE OF E NTRY P H D C OURSESArmstrong, Deborah K; Mccurry, Mary; Dluhy, Nancy M
2017 Neurology Volume 89 Issue 11 September (13).pdf.jpg2017F AV 1451 binds to motor related subcortical gray and white matter in corticobasal syndromeCho, Hanna; Baek, Min Seok; Choi, Jae Yong; Lee, Seung Ha; Kim, Joong Seok; Pet, F-av-
2018 SM Volume 37 Issue 20 September (5).pdf.jpg2018F E AT U R E D A RT I C L E A sensitivity analysis for missing outcomes due to truncation by death under the matched-pairs designJiang, Zhichao
2016 SCNA Volume 96 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2016F e l l o w s h i p Tra i n i n g Need and ContributionsGrover, Brandon T
2017 IJROBP Volume 97 Issue 2 February (25).pdf.jpg2017F Fluorodeoxyglucose / Positron Emission Tomography Predicts Patterns of Failure After Definitive Chemoradiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung CancerOhri, Nitin; Bodner, William R; Halmos, Balazs; Cheng, Haiying; Perez-soler, Roman; Keller, Steven M; Kalnicki, Shalom; Garg, Madhur
2017 OSOMOPORadiology Volume 124 Issue 3 September (4).pdf.jpg2017F Fluoromisonidazole positron emission tomography ( FMISO PET ) may re fl ect hypoxia and cell proliferation activity in oral squamous cell carcinomaSato, Jun; Kitagawa, Yoshimasa; Watanabe, Shiro; Asaka, Takuya
2018 SCNA Volume 98 Issue 3 June (9).pdf.jpg2018F l a n k an d L u m b a r H e r n i a Repair Lumbar hernia Flank hernia Hernia repair Robotic Preperitoneal MeshBeffa, Lucas R; Margiotta, Alyssa L
2018 DCNA Volume 62 Issue 3 July (10).pdf.jpg2018F l u o re s c e n c e an d N ear-Infrare d L i g h t Tra n s i l l u m i n a t i o nAmaechi, Bennett T; Glasg, Mfds Rcps
2017 NCNorthAmerica Volume 28 Issue 4 October (11).pdf.jpg2017F l u o res c e n c e I m a g i n g / A g e n t s i n Tu m o r ResectionStummer, Walter; Molina, Eric Suero
2011medicine article s (173).pdf.jpg2011F MRI oximetry : simulation of perfluorocarbonBaete, S H
2016 JPN Volume 32 Issue 1 February (5).pdf.jpg2016F OSTERING F UTURE L EADERSHIP IN Q UALITY AND S AFETY IN H EALTH C ARE THROUGH S YSTEMS T HINKINGDolansky, Mary A; Lopez, Gloria Mckee
2016 JPN Volume 32 Issue 1 February (5).pdf.jpg2016F OSTERING F UTURE L EADERSHIP IN Q UALITY AND S AFETY IN H EALTH C ARE THROUGH S YSTEMS T HINKINGDolansky, Mary A; Lopez, Gloria Mckee
2018 OCNAmerica Volume 51 Issue 6 December (11).pdf.jpg2018F re e G r a c i l i s Tra n s f e r a n d Static Facial Suspension for Midfacial Reanimation in Long-Standing Flaccid Facial PalsyJowett, Nate