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2016 PEDIAT Volume 38 Issue 3 September (64).pdf.jpg2016O ' Leary ST , Lee M , Lockhart S , et al . Effectiveness and Cost of Bidirectional Text Messaging for Adolescent Vaccines and Well Care . Pediatrics .Lee, Michelle; Lockhart, Steven; Eisert, Sheri; Furniss, Anna; Barnard, Juliana; Eblovi, Darren; Shmueli, Doron; Stokley, Shannon; Dickinson, L Miriam; Kempe, Allison
2018 Pediatrics Volume 142 Issue 1 July (39).pdf.jpg2018O ' Neil J , Hoffman BD ; COUNCIL ON INJURY , VIOLENCE , AND POISON PREVENTION . School Bus Transportation of Children With Special HealthInjury, Council O N
2012medicine article bf (209).pdf.jpg2012O -Alkyl- N -acyl- N -phenylhydroxylamines as Photochemical Alkoxy Radical PrecursorsAlkoxy, Photochemical; Precursors, Radical
2018 JOPM Volume 47 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2018O -GlcNAcylation in oral squamous cell carcinomaKongkaew, Tassaporn; Aung, Win Pa Pa; Supanchart, Chayarop; Makeudom, Anupong; Langsa-ard, Sarawat; Sastraruji, Thanapat; Chaiyarit, Ponlatham; Krisanaprakornkit, Suttichai
2012medicine article b (431).pdf.jpg2012o -Iodoxybenzoic Acid Mediated Oxidative Desulfurization Initiated Domino Reactions for Synthesis of AzolesChaudhari, Pramod S; Pathare, Sagar P; Akamanchi, Krishnacharaya G
2012medicine article b (724).pdf.jpg2012O -Nucleoside, S -Nucleoside, and N -Nucleoside Probes of Lumazine Synthase and Ribo fl avin SynthaseCushman, Mark
2013medicine article a (656).pdf.jpg2013O -phenyl carbamate and phenyl urea thiiranes as selective matrix metalloproteinase-2 inhibitors that cross the blood-brain barrierGooyit, Major; Song, Wei; Mahasenan, Kiran V.; Lichtenwalter, Katerina; Suckow, Mark a.; Schroeder, Valerie a.; Wolter, William R.; Mobashery, Shahriar; Chang, Mayland
2013medicine article y (196).pdf.jpg2013O 1097F, President John; Health, Community Mental
2013medicine article w (328).pdf.jpg2013O 1250Salvetti, David J; Nagaraja, Tara G; McNeill, Ian T; Xu, Zhiyuan; Sheehan, Jason; Assessment, Graded Prognostic; Knife, Gamma; Tumors, Solid; Therapy, Radiation; Group, Oncology
2016 JN Volume 124 Issue 5 May (26).pdf.jpg2016O 1300Lau, Darryl; Hervey-jumper, Shawn L; Chang, Susan; Molinaro, Annette M; Mcdermott, Michael W; Phillips, Joanna J; Berger, Mitchel S
2016 ATS Volume 102 Issue 3 September (19).pdf.jpg2016O 2 71 mm Hg and FDenton, Eve J; Rischin, Adam; Mcgif, David; Williams, Trevor J; Paraskeva, Miranda A; Westall, Glen P; Snell, Greg
2011medicine article d (213).pdf.jpg2011O 2 Activation by Bis ( imino ) pyridine Iron ( II ) - Thiolate ComplexesBadiei, Yosra M; Siegler, Maxime A; Goldberg, David P
2012medicine article b (1235).pdf.jpg2012O 2 ‑ Functionalized Methylamine Diazeniumdiolates: Evidence for E ⇄ Z Equilibration in an Acyclic SystemBiswas, Debanjan; Holland, Ryan J; Deschamps, R; Cao, Zhao; Keefer, Larry K; Saavedra, Joseph E
2012medicine article a (755).pdf.jpg2012O 2 ‑ Sulfonylethyl Protected Isopropylamine Diazen-1-ium-1,2- diolates as Nitroxyl (HNO) Donors: Synthesis, β ‑ Elimination Fragmentation, HNO Release, Positive Inotropic Properties, and Blood Pressure Lowering StudiesHuang, Zhangjian; Kaur, Jatinder; Bhardwaj, Atul; Alsaleh, Nasser; Reisz, Julie A; Dumond, Jenna F; King, S Bruce; Seubert, John M; Zhang, Yihua; Knaus, Edward E
2012medicine article e (54).pdf.jpg2012O b e s i t y Prev e n t i o n a n d In t erv ent i o n i n D en t al P ra cti ce Obesity Diabetes Prevention Oral health Systemic healthTavares, Mary; Dewundara, Amanda; Goodson, J Max
2018 Jperiodontology Volume 89 Issue 11 November (10).pdf.jpg2018O B I T UA RY-
2016 IDCNA Volume 30 Issue 3 September (9).pdf.jpg2016O c c u p a t i o n a l He a l t h Update Focus on Preventing the Acquisition of Infections ProphylaxisProphylaxis, Pre-exposure; Weber, David J
2014medicine article a (216).pdf.jpg2014O ff -Rate Screening (ORS) By Surface Plasmon Resonance. An E ffi cient Method to Kinetically Sample Hit to Lead Chemical Space from Unpuri fi ed Reaction ProductsMurray, James B; Roughley, Stephen D; Matassova, Natalia; Brough, Paul A; Vernalis, R; Park, Granta; Abington, Great; Cb, Cambridge
2018 BJH Volume 131 Issue 1 January (4).pdf.jpg2018O ff -the-shelf TCR for without GVHDFp, Mll-; Ledgf, Because; Ashkar, El
2018 JPN Volume 34 Issue 4 July-August (17).pdf.jpg2018O FFICIAL J OURNAL OF THEEditorial, Guest; Articles, Original