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2012medicine article bf (254).pdf.jpg2012Y ( OTf ) 3 -Catalyzed Diastereoselective [ 3 + 2 ] Cycloaddition of N -Tosyl- aziridines and Imines ; Efficient Synthesis of Multisubstituted ImidazolidinesWu, Xingxing
2013medicine article w (131).pdf.jpg2013The Y -shaped double-barrel bypass in the treatment of large and giant anterior communicating artery aneurysms-
9789812703743.pdf.jpg2007The Y chromosome and male germ cell biology in health and diseasesLau, Yun-Fai ; Chan, Wai-Yee
-Y Chromosome Haplogroups and Prostate Cancer in Populations of European and Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry-
-Y Chromosome Haplogroups and Prostate Cancer in Populations of European and Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry-
2012medicine article af (17).pdf.jpg2012Y Modification of the Transconjunctival Approach for Management of Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures : A Technical NoteMartinez, Alan Y; Bradrick, Jon P
2017 EHJ Volume 80 Issue 5 December (8).pdf.jpg2017Y O U R ASSOCIATION DirecTalk
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 2 January (33).pdf.jpg2017Y plasty vaginoplasty needs proof of superior effectiveness-
2015 Radiographics Volume 35 Issue 5 October (13).pdf.jpg2015Y Radioembolization : Multimodal- ity Imaging Pattern Approach with Angiographic Correlation for Opti- mized Target Therapy Delivery 1Moncayo, Valeria; Reavey, Hamilton E; Galt, James R; Kies, Darren D; Williams, Roger S; Kim, Hyun S; Schuster, David M
2017 EAUUS Volume 16 Issue 10 November (122).pdf.jpg2017The Y shaped ileal neobladder as a simple and practical solution for Egyptian bladderAlkarim, S Abd; Hussien, E S; Desouky, E
-Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Genetics Reveal Significant Contrasts in Affinities of Modern Middle Eastern Populations with European and African Populations-
2016 BJD Volume 175 Issue 6 December (10).pdf.jpg2016Y. Chemoprevention of basal cell carcinomaAli, F.R.; Craythorne, E.E.; Al-Niaimi, F.
2017 PEDIATRICS Volume 140 Issue 1 July (41).pdf.jpg2017The Yale Observation Scale Score and the Risk of Serious Bacterial Infections in Febrile InfantsMahajan, Prashant V; Blumberg, Stephen M; Lorin, R; Nigrovic, Lise E; Linakis, James G; Ruddy, Richard M; Bennett, Jonathan E; Tzimenatos, Leah; Powell, Elizabeth C; Alpern, Elizabeth R; Rogers, J; Ramilo, Octavio; Kuppermann, Nathan; Casper, T Charles
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 5 August (20).pdf.jpg2016The Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project — A Mechanism for Data SharingKrumholz, Harlan M.; Waldstreicher, Joanne
9783319051130.pdf.jpg2014The Yale Swallow ProtocolLeder, Steven B; Suiter, Debra M
2014medicine article r (350).pdf.jpg2014Yan Duan,-
2011medicine article c (1039).pdf.jpg2011Yan-li Xu, Ying-ming Pan,* Qiang Wu, Heng-shan Wang,* and Pei-zhen LiuSynthesis, Regioselective; Cyclotrimerization, Incl; Xu, Yan-li; Pan, Ying-ming; Wu, Qiang; Wang, Heng-shan; Liu, Pei-zhen
2016 JMC Volume 59 Issue 11 June (13).pdf.jpg2016Yan-Na Liu, † , § Jing-Jing Wang, ‡ , § Ya-Ting Ji, † Guo-Dong Zhao, † Long-Qian Tang, † Cheng-Mei Zhang, † Xiu-Li Guo, * , ‡ and Zhao-Peng Liu * , † †Liu, Yan-na; Wang, Jing-jing; Ji, Ya-ting; Zhao, Guo-dong; Tang, Long-qian; Zhang, Cheng-mei; Guo, Xiu-li; Liu, Zhao-peng
2012medicine article c (463).pdf.jpg2012Yang Wang, † Yue Chi, † Wen-Xiong Zhang, * , † , ‡ and Zhenfeng Xi * , † †Wang, Yang; Chi, Yue; Zhang, Wen-xiong; Xi, Zhenfeng
2015 AJCP Volume 144 Supplement 2 October (17).pdf.jpg2015Yanli Ding, Jean Francis, Jeffrey Kalish, Anita Deshpande, Karen Quillen, Boston Medical Center-